Title Out There Learning
Subtitle Critical Reflections on Off-Campus Study Programs
Author Deborah Curran, Cameron Owens, Helga Thorson, Elizabeth Vibert
ISBN 9781487523145
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Publishing year 2019
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“I am stunned, inspired, and in admiration of the work and thoughtfulness that has gone into Out There Learning. From the selection of contributors, to the range of topics and disciplines covered, to the depth of the theoretical discussions, this is undoubtedly a significant contribution to the literature on short-term off-campus experiential learning programs. The various perspectives on transformational learning are rich and offer some of the best, and most rigorously informed, discussions of transformational learning for study abroad that I have seen.”

Rebecca Hovey, Dean of the Office for International Study, Smith College


Out There Learning makes several important contributions to the field through its coverage of a diverse range of disciplines, types of fieldwork, evaluation, and outcomes. Most importantly, it provides an overview of research on the transformative potential of short-term off-campus programs from both cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, examining several theoretical advances and practical challenges.”

Kate Lloyd, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, Macquarie University


“A welcome contribution to literature on off-campus programs, Out There Learning will help instructors better design, implement, and evaluate student learning experiences.”

Christian Brannstrom, Professor in the Department of Geography, Texas A&M University


Universities across North America and beyond are experiencing growing demand for off-campus, experiential learning. Exploring the foundations of what it means to learn “out there,” Out There Learning is an informed, critical investigation of the pedagogical philosophies and practices involved in short-term, off-campus programs or field courses. Bringing together contributors’ individual research and experience teaching or administering off-campus study programs, Out There Learning examines and challenges common assumptions about pedagogy, place, and personal transformation, while also providing experience-based insights and advice for getting the most out of faculty-led field courses.

Divided into three sections that investigate aspects of pedagogy, ethics of place, and course and program assessment, this collection offers “voices from the field” highlighting the experiences of faculty members, students, teaching assistants, and community members engaged in every aspect of an off-campus study programs. Several chapters examine study programs in the traditional territories of Indigenous communities and in the Global South. Containing an appendix highlighting some examples of off-campus study programs, Out There Learning offers new pathways for faculty, staff, and college and university administrators interested in enriching the experience of non-traditional avenues of study.


List of Figures and Tables


Introduction (Helga Thorson and Megan Harvey)


Where the Past and Present Intersect … (Sam Kerr)

CHAPTER 1: “You Cannot Avoid All of This Past, Present, and Future When It’s Everywhere Around You”: Reflecting Relational Thinking in Field Study Experiences (Kacy McKinney)

Living in the Moment ... (Emily Halvorsen)

CHAPTER 2: An Integrative, Thematic Approach to International Field Study Programs (Aaron Williams)

Being Part of Something Bigger … (Kathleen O’Reilly)

CHAPTER 3: The Enlivened Classroom: Bringing the Field Back to Campus (Nakanyike B. Musisi)

There Is No Front of the Classroom Here … (Rob Cook)

CHAPTER 4: Settlers Unsettled: Using Field Schools and Digital Stories to Transform Geographies of Ignorance About Indigenous Peoples in Canada
(Heather Castleden, Kiley Daley, Vanessa Sloan Morgan, and Paul Sylvestre)

Discovering Traces of the Past … (Sara Lax)


Connecting with the Community … (Aisling Kennedy)

CHAPTER 5: Outsider Education: Indigenous Law and Land-Based Learning (John Borrows)

Live Life with Significance … (Freya Selander)

CHAPTER 6: Putting Law in its Place: Field School Explorations of Indigenous and Colonial Legal Geographies (Deborah Curran)

Mysteries Remain … (Laura Buchan)

CHAPTER 7: Power in Place: Dilemmas in Leading Field Schools to the Global South (Elizabeth Vibert and Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta)

What You Can’t Get from a Textbook … (Sarah Elwood)


Eyes Wide Open ... (Andrea van Noord)

CHAPTER 8: Getting beyond “It changed my life”: Assessment of Out-There Transformation (Janelle S. Peifer and Elaine Meyer-Lee)

9:14 AM: Saturday, May 14, 2016

“The World Moves Through Us” … (Jake Noah Sherman)

CHAPTER 9: Assessing Learning “Out There”: Four Key Challenges and Opportunities (Cameron Owens and Maral Sotoudehnia)

Embracing Complexities … (Liah Formby)

CHAPTER 10: Transformation in the Field: Short-Term Study Abroad and the Pursuit of Changes (Michael R. Glass)

Education Can Be Empowering … (Emily Tennent)

Concluding Remarks

Appendix: Field School Briefings

Contributors and Editors

About the Editors:

Deborah Curran is associate professor in the Faculty of Law and School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.

Cameron Owens is associate teaching professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria.

Helga Thorson is associate professor and chair in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria.

Elizabeth Vibert is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Victoria. She is the author of Traders’ Tales: Narratives of Cultural Encounters in the Columbia Plateau, 1807-1846 (University of Oklahoma Press, 2000).

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People interested in Education.

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