Title States and Nations, Power and Civility
Subtitle Hallsian Perspectives
Author Francesco G. Duina
ISBN 9781487502379
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“The Hallsian perspective is one of the most important ones in comparative-historical sociology, and this volume does an exceptional job of not simply describing work that has been done in the past, or by Hall himself, but making numerous contributions in several areas of research  inspired by Hall’s work. One of the best edited collections that I have read, this volume is well organized, unified, and coherent.”

Jonathan Eastwood, Laurent Boetsch Term Professor of Sociology, Washington and Lee University


States and Nations, Power and Civility celebrates and investigates the work of Professor John A. Hall, a distinguished figure in the fields of political, comparative, and historical sociology. I think the volume will interest both those interested specifically in the work and ideas of John A. Hall, and more widely those interested in an introduction to the range of approaches to comparative, historical, and political social science.”

Jonathan Hearn, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh


“This is an outstanding volume that engages forcefully with various themes central to John Hall’s groundbreaking work on nation-states and the relationship between power and civility.”

Patrick Baert, Department of Sociology, Cambridge University


Civility in national and international politics is under siege. In this volume, twelve distinguished sociologists and historians from North America, Europe, and China reflect on the nature and preservation of civility in and between nation states and empires in a set of geographically and historically wide-ranging chapters.

Civility protects individual self-determination and expression, promotes productive economic activity and wealth, and is central to political stability and peace within and across political communities. Yet power, always concentrated and endemic in nation states and imperial settings, poses great risks to civility. Guided by the perspective of John A. Hall, who has done more to identify and investigate the intricate relationships between states, nations, the power they hold, and civility than any other contemporary social scientist, States and Nations, Power and Civility offers a set of crisp, in-depth investigations regarding the specific mechanisms of civility and how it may be protected.



Introduction: Vulnerable Civility (Francesco Duina)

Part One: National Contexts

Chapter 1. Is America Breaking Apart? The Rise of Donald Trump (John L. Campbell)

Chapter 2. How Homogenous Need America Be? Nation, Race, and Civility (Liliana Riga)

Chapter 3. Roadblocks to Civility: Lessons from Turkish Nationalism (Yesim Bayar)

Chapter 4. Urban Civility Defying Political Authoritarianism? Unpacking Turkey’s Reversal of Democracy (Berna Turam)

Chapter 5. Under Stress: Civility, Compassion, and National Solidarity – The Refugee Crisis in Germany after 1945 (Frank Trentmann)

Part Two: International and Comparative Contexts

Chapter 6. Nationalism and Imperialism as Enemies and Friends: Nation-State Formation and Imperial Projects in the Balkans (Siniša Maleševic)

Chapter 7. The Despotic and Infrastructural Powers of Democratic, Autocratic, and Authoritarian Regimes (Michael Mann)

Chapter 8. Resistance and Nationalist Violence: A Hallsian Approach to Nation-Building in a Colonial Context (Matthew Lange)

Chapter 9. Two Communist Revolutions: A Hallsian Comparison of China and Russia (Luyang Zhou)

Chapter 10. Religious Toleration in Pre-Modern Empires (Yanfei Sun and Dingxin Zhou)

Chapter 11. Ashoka and Constantine: On Mega-Actors and the Politics of Empires and Religions (Joseph M. Bryant)

Conclusion: Reflections and Replies (John A. Hall)



About the Editor:

Francesco Duina is Professor of Sociology at Bates College and Honorary Professor of Sociology at the University of British Columbia.

Target Audience:

People interested in History and Political Science.

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