Title Optimizing Digital Strategy
Subtitle How to Make Informed, Tactical Decisions that Deliver Growth
Author Christopher Bones, James Hammersley, Nick Shaw
ISBN 9780749483722
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No of pages 248
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book


Optimizing Digital Strategy successfully challenges the perception that more and more technology is the always answer - the organization is often the biggest barrier to online success and this book explores why and what to do about it. It’s a commercial and engaging book that shows leaders how to improve performance. Full of useful frameworks and case examples, it sets out a structure with which leaders can assess their business and then focus on what needs to change to drive growth online.”

Anna Rawling, Managing Director, Product and Portfolio Strategy, The Economist


“Every retail leader should read this book. What the authors have written will help today’s leaders navigate the maze of the digital world. They remove the mask of mystery to help understand where a business should focus its energy, people and capital. Optimizing Digital Strategy perfectly illustrates that technology alone is not the answer - the answer of course is the customer.”

Darren Topp, Chairman, Retail Executives Limited, and experienced retail CEO


Optimizing Digital Strategy gives business leaders a practical toolkit for thinking about and executing their digital strategy. The Good Growth team have condensed years of research and experience into a genuinely useful handbook.”

Alex Murray, Digital Director, Lidl UK


“A practical handbook on running an online business, this is a must-read for the online practitioner through to the executive. Clear models, simple language, with plenty of examples across sectors make this an invaluable asset - it sits permanently on my desk! Importantly, Optimizing Digital Strategy offers good insights, perspective and practical advice on leadership and organizational challenges as a business develops.”

Ann Steer, Chief Customer Officer, N Brown Group plc


“An informative and insightful book that should be read by all directors and business leaders. The distinction between good and best practice in this fast-moving area is a point well made. The case studies add richness and amplify the content.”

Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman, Advanced Boardroom Excellence; President, INSEAD Directors Network; Chairman, pladis; Chairman, KidsOut


“It would be hard to imagine a more authoritative guide to the pitfalls and opportunities of multichannel transformation.”

Ian Shepherd, former COO, Odeon Cinemas Group


“An essential read for any executive seeking to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the risks posed by digital transformation. This is a book that lays out a clear road map for how organizations can deliver on their digital strategies.”

Professor Michael Hartmann, Executive Director, EMBA in Digital Transformation, McMaster University

“This is a compelling guide to the creation and execution of business growth strategy in a high-rate-of-change digital age. It takes a systems-thinking approach and draws out the criticality of active and accountable business leadership, culture, ethics and, above all, the need for ruthless customer-, consumer- and marketplace-centricity.”

Stuart Fletcher, Portfolio Director and angel investor, former Global CEO, Bupa, and President International, Diageo plc


“An excellent guide, full of insight, for those of us working in digital leadership. Whether you’re starting your journey in digital leadership or have a few years under your belt, this book is a must-read.”

Tom Weeks, Sales Director UK, AB Tasty


“The rate of change in this area continues exponentially, but there are some universal truths the book points out that you need to hang on to. Everyone should have a copy in their favourites.”

Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, Senior leader, global consumer goods, Coty, Carlsberg, Reckitt Benckiser, Cadbury Schweppes


Optimizing Digital Strategy explores the choices facing organizations in the rapidly changing world of technology-enabled business. From performance marketing through to personalization, on-demand retailing and AI, this book maps out commercial and customer-focused challenges and explains how leaders can get the most out of their digital strategies. Rather than rushing headlong into adopting the latest digital platforms, tools and technologies, the book challenges leaders to step back from the demands for constant investment in new technology and drive better returns from existing assets.

Presenting a sustainable model of e-commerce that is appropriate to any individual organization’s needs, Optimizing Digital Strategy addresses the repetitive dilemma between even more investment in technology and the need to improve margins and grow revenue. Illustrated by the authors’ own digital work for global brands such as The Economist, Sky, O2, Regus, the Financial Times, Lidl and L.K.Bennett, this book shows how to balance the need to remain competitive, fully deliver customer expectations, and put resources behind investments that will deliver the best return.


About the authors



Chapter 1: Building digital strategy that works • Executive summary • Digital strategy • Digital failure is more likely • The value chain in strategy • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 2: Why digital strategies fail and how to recognize failure • Executive summary • Poor projects drive failure • It’s the customer, stupid • Dedicated followers of fashion • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 3: Levers for digital growth and how to use them • Executive summary • The growth imperative • Customer experience • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 4: The importance of innovation in driving success • Executive summary • Leadership in business is leadership of innovation • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should • Innovation versus creativity • Designing success • Thinking through the product life cycle • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 5: The dark side of digital • Executive summary • Are machines disintermediating relationships? • Can we have confidence in business to do the right thing? • Is ‘big tech’ out of control? • Facebook’s 87 million problems make the point • Is business at the heart of the problem? • How might business respond? • And what should be the public policy response? • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 6: Emerging digital business models • Executive summary • A map of e-commerce • Locating and engaging customers • Selling and retaining customers • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 7: The e-commerce system • Executive summary • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts • E-commerce as an integrated system • Dissecting the system – the growth drivers • Insight generation • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 8: Building a customer-centric culture • Executive summary • Organizational alignment • Digital organization effectiveness • Benchmarking organizational effectiveness • The leadership challenge • Leadership actions • References

Chapter 9: Making digital choices that differentiate success from failure • Executive summary • Framing the challenge • Getting the customer experience right for conversion • The customer acquisition story • Pricing through the digital channel • Getting the business basics right • Company cultures • Future trends • Leadership actions

Chapter 10: This is the business of transformation • Executive summary • What is digital strategy? • Defining choice • Think whole system, not expert solution • At the end, this is a leadership challenge • Reference


About the Authors:

Professor Chris Bones is an established thought leader in People, Organisation Strategy and Change and a widely acclaimed, award winning author. He has over thirty years experience in senior leadership positions working with such companies as Diageo, Cadbury, Schweppes and Shell. Appointed the first non-academic Principal of Henley Business School in 2004 he is now Dean Emeritus at Henley, Professor of Creativity and Leadership at Manchester Business School and Visiting Professor at the University of Aberdeen.

James Hammersley founded Good Growth with Chris Bones, an innovative digital change consultancy, whose clients include Bupa, The Open University, Barclays Connector and O2 among others. Having worked on introducing digital performance to large organisations including Apple he has witnessed first hand the potential of digital to transform how we list to and respond to customers.

Nick Shaw is Director of Digital for Good Growth. He has over 10 years of experience in leading and helping a variety of organizations to improve their sales effectiveness and innovation performance.

Target Audience:

An excellent guide for those working in digital leadership.


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