Title Artificial Intelligence for HR
Subtitle Use AI to Support and Develop a Successful Workforce
Author Ben Eubanks
ISBN 9780749483814
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“HR professionals need to understand how their own roles are changing while helping employees to develop and prioritize the skills they will need for the age of disruption, and Ben’s take on how we can combine humans and technology paints a bright picture for the future of the HR profession.”

Mary Kaylor, Manager of Public Affairs, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)


“Artificial intelligence is the next frontier for HR to conquer, and Ben’s book is the first step down that path for HR executives.”

Shane York, Vice President of Events, Human Capital Institute


“Ben’s work fills the gap between awareness and understanding and provides real and practical ideas that can be utilized to drive success through AI technologies in your organization.”

Steve Boese, Conference Chair for the HR Technology Conference and Host of the HR Happy Hour Podcast


“In this must-read book, Ben presents the contemporary and very real challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will change not only how we look at the world of work, but also how we approach what we do in the workplace every day.”

Dr. Kim LaFevor, Dean of College of Business, Athens State University


Artificial Intelligence for HR offers a compelling look at how today’s cutting-edge technologies can play a role in improving the performance of HR teams for businesses around the world.”

Mostafa Azzam, Managing Director, The HR Talent


“Ben’s thought-provoking book is a must-read for any organization committed to remaining competitive in the new and exciting frontier created by AI.”

Jeanne Achille, Program Chair, Women in HR Tech Summit, U.S. & Asia and tech entrepreneur


“Artificial intelligence, as outlined in Ben’s book, is one of the key ways I see businesses becoming more agile and competitive in the digital age through a mix of automation, augmentation, and personalization.”

Kevin M. Yates, Fact-Finder for Learning and Development, McDonald’s


“Ben’s comprehensive coverage gives a deep look at how AI, automation, and machine learning can revolutionize the way we hire and manage employees today.”

Kris Dunn, Chief Human Resource Officer, Kinetix


“As always, Ben Eubanks takes a topic as complex as artificial intelligence and presents it in a way that is understandable for people at all levels of technical proficiency. Artificial Intelligence for HR is a must read for any business leader concerned with the impact this emerging technology is, and will, have on the modern workforce.”

George LaRocque, Founder and Principal Analyst, HRWins


“Ben’s book focuses on how we can blend the best that people bring to the table with the best that machines and algorithms have to offer in an exciting way.”

Skip Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Tribridge


“Ben Eubanks has written a must-read book for all human resource professionals. His insight and knowledge around the challenges of this ever-changing world of technology and artificial intelligence in human resources is one of the best in the industry!”

Kristi Jones, Manager-Talent Acquisition, H&R Block


“For the last 30 years people have worried about computers and machines taking work away from humans. In reality, these tools have progressively offered greater opportunities for humans to discover and hone new skills thanks to this intelligent automation, and this book sheds light on how the human resources profession benefits from the latest AI-related technological advances.”

Riccardo Antonelli, International Division Coordinator, GEMA Business School (Rome-Italy)


“Change is inevitable, especially in the world of work. Ben captures both the advent of AI and its potential future in a way that shows how HR and business will evolve. His approach is spot on and makes the future of AI intriguing and not threatening.”

Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, VP of Human Resources, LaRosa’s, Inc.


“Today’s experience-driven employer relationship requires a keen focus on the individual. As Ben’s book demonstrates, AI technologies are going to help HR leaders personalize the employee experience and creating more human relationships in powerful, scalable ways.”

China Gorman, Managing Director America, UNLEASH


“Ben is a leading expert on how artificial intelligence will impact the employee experience. His book offers a great overview of the technology providers along with the use cases that deliver value to today’s business leaders.”

Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Aptitude Research Partners


HR professionals need to get to grips with artificial intelligence and the way it’s changing the world of work. From using natural language processing to ensure job adverts are free from bias and gendered language to implementing chatbots to enhance the employee experience, AI has created a variety of opportunities for the HR function. Artificial Intelligence for HR empowers HR professionals to leverage this potential and use AI to improve efficiency and develop a talented and productive workforce. Outlining the current technology landscape as well as the latest AI developments, this book ensures that HR professionals fully understand what AI is and what it means for HR in practice.

Covering everything from recruitment and retention to employee engagement and learning and development, Artificial Intelligence for HR outlines the value AI can add to HR. It also features discussions on the challenges that can arise from AI and how to deal with them, including data privacy, algorithmic bias and how to develop the skills of a workforce with the rise of automation, robotics and machine learning in order to make it more human, not less. Packed with practical advice, research and case studies from global organizations including Uber, IBM and Unilever, this book will equip HR professionals with the knowledge they need to leverage AI to recruit and develop a successful workforce and help their businesses thrive in the future.


About the author



Chapter 1: A snapshot of HR today • The age of disruption • Researching and understanding HR today • The power of the employee experience • The new normal: doing more with less • Using this book • Notes

Chapter 2: The basics of artificial intelligence • A layman’s guide to predictive HR analytics • Artificial intelligence components • AI on a global scale • Notes

Chapter 3: General AI applications within HCM • AI solves administrative HR problems • What about the impact on jobs? • Types of broad-spectrum AI components in HCM • Notes

Chapter 4: Core HR and workforce management • Workforce management • Payroll • Benefits administration • Employee self-service • Diversity and harassment • Notes

Chapter 5: Talent acquisition • Sourcing tools and technologies • Candidate matching • Assessments • The role of data in recruiting • Recruiting applications for natural language processing • Chatbots as a communication mechanism • Notes

Chapter 6: Learning and development • Closing the skills gap • Formal learning applications for AI • Learning content and curation • Informal learning applications for AI • Coaching and mentoring • Performance support • Looking forward: virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies • Notes

Chapter 7: Talent management • Replacing humans with algorithms: hard lessons learned • The critical role of managers in talent management • Employee engagement • Performance management and enablement • The gig economy and team development • Internal talent mobility and career pathing • Notes

Chapter 8: Challenges of adopting AI technology • Biased systems • Technological complacency • Algorithm aversion • Data privacy and AI • System integration is lacking • Despite the challenges… • Notes

Chapter 9: HR skills of the future • The importance of soft skills • A final question • Notes



About the Author:

Ben Eubanks is an HR industry analyst and influencer. He is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory where he oversees the development of research, assets and insights to support HR, learning and talent executives. He is also the founder of HR community upstartHR, the co-founder of the HRevolution movement and host of the We’re Human podcast.

Target Audience:

Useful for HR Professionals, Managers and students and academicians of HR.


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