Title Viva ICSE Physics Book 10 - Lab Skills
Subtitle Laboratory Ethics • Viva Voce
Author Neha Sharma
ISBN 9789388653497
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Binding Hardbound
No of pages 144
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
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About the book

Salient Features of the Books:

  • A list of commonly used Experiment Tools in Physics laboratory
  • A section on Laboratory Ethics given in the beginning includes a set of guidelines to remind students on how to conduct while working in the laboratory
  • Experiments given in a systematic way
  • Procedure aided with neat and labelled diagrams, wherever necessary
  • Questions to prepare for Viva Voce given at the end of each experiment


Unit 1: Experiments Based on Levers

Experiment 1.1: To determine the mass of the given metre scale

Experiment 1.2: To determine the weight of a given object using a metre scale

Unit 2: Pulley System

Experiment 2: To determine the mechanical advantage (MA) and velocity ratio (VR) of a given pulley system

Unit 3: Refraction through a Glass Slab

Experiment 3: To trace the path of different rays of light refracting through a rectangular glass slab at different angles of incidence. Measure the angles of incidence, refraction and emergence. Also measure the lateral displacement

Unit 4: Optics (Refraction of Light through Lenses)

Experiment 4.1: To determine the focal length of a convex lens using distant object method

Experiment 4.2: To determine the focal length of a convex lens using a plane mirror and a needle

Experiment 5: To determine the focal length of a convex lens using u-v method and the lens formula

Unit 5: Refraction of Light Rays through a Prism

Experiment 6: To trace the path of a ray of light passing through a glass prism and to show that
i + e = A + d and A = r1 + r2

Experiment 7: To trace the path of a ray of light incident normally (?i = 0°) on different types of prisms (Angle of prism, ?A = 60°, 45° and 90°) and measure the angle of deviation d in each case

Unit 6: Heat Transfer

Experiment 8: To calculate the specific heat of the material of the given calorimeter from the temperature readings and masses of cold water, warm water and its mixture taken in the calorimeter

Experiment 9: To determine the specific heat of a metal by the method of mixtures

Experiment 10: To determine the specific latent heat of ice

Unit 7: Experiments Based on Electricity

Experiment 11: To verify Ohm’s law and hence determine the value of an unknown resistance

Experiment 12: To set up a model of domestic electric wiring circuit including main wiring circuit and to study the functions of switches and fuses

About the Author:

Neha Sharma is a gold medalist in M.Tech. from Guru Gobind Singh lndraprastha University. She did her M.Sc. in Physics from University of Delhi and has worked as an Assistant Professor in Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida for more than seven years. Presently she is working as PGT Physics in a reputed school in Delhi.

Target Audience:

ICSE students of class 10.

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