Title Human Geography, 2/e
Subtitle A Serious Introduction
Author Barney Warf
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Written specifically for freshman-level human geography courses, Human Geography: A Serious Introduction gives students a thorough, rigorous grounding in the subject and its historical, economic, political, cultural, and urban dimensions.

The book addresses early cultures, languages, religion, the rise of capitalism, and globalization as components of human geographical systems. Human Geography also explores developed and underdeveloped societies, population, political geography, urban geography, agriculture, manufacturing, and services. The book closes with a chapter on geography-related careers.

Each chapter includes a preview of the main points, a post-reading summary, a glossary of key terms, and study questions to be used for in-class discussions or as writing assignments.

Through reading Human Geography students gain a historically contextualized understanding of how the world’s geographies have been formed, from hunting and gathering societies to cyberspace.


Chapter 1: Understanding Human Geography • Main Points • What is Space? • Five Themes for Studying Human Geography • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 2: Early Human Cultures • Main Points • The Evolution of the Hominids • Hunting and Gathering • The Neolithic Revolution • Preindustrial Agriculture • The Urban Dawn and the Rise of Civilizations • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 3: The Geography of Languages • Main Points • What Is Language? • Geography of the World’s Major Language Families • Linguistic Conflict • Language Death • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 4: The Geography of Religions • Main Points • Major World Religions • Geographies of Secularism • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 5: The Rise of Global Capitalism • Main Points • Feudalism and the Birth of Capitalism • The Emergence and Nature of Capitalism • The Industrial Revolution • Colonialism: Capitalism on a Global Scale • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 6: Globalization • Main Points • International Trade • International Money and Capital Markets • Transnational Corporations • The World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and The World Bank • Regional Economic Integration • Global Resource and Energy Flows • Tourism • Cultural Globalization • Myths About Globalization • Anti-Globalization • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 7: Geographies of Development • Main Points • Measuring Economic Development • Urbanization in Developing Countries • Problems of Developing Countries • Development Strategies • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 8: Population and Resource Consumption • Main Points • The Growth and Distribution of the World’s Population • Population Change • Malthusian Theory • Neo-Malthusianism • Other Views of Population Growth • The Demographic Transition • Population Structure • Migration • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 9: Political Geography • Main Points • The Nation-State • Nationalism • Geopolitics • World-Systems Theory • The Geography of Wars and Terrorism • Electoral Geography • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 10: Industrial Agriculture • Main Points • Commercialized Agriculture • U.S. Agricultural Policy • Sustainable Agriculture • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 11: Manufacturing • Main Points • Major Concentrations of World Manufacturing • Deindustrialization • Major Manufacturing Sectors • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 12: Services • Main Points • Defining Services • The Growth of Services • Services Labor Markets • The Geography of Services • Telecommunications and Geography • Key Terms • Study Questions

Chapter 13: Culture, Identity, and Everyday Life • Main Points • Introducing Culture • Folk Culture and Popular Culture • Cultural Landscapes • Race and Ethnicity • Gender, Identity, and Place • Sexuality and Space • Orientalism • Key Terms • Study Questions


About the Author:

Barney Warf is a professor of geography at the University of Kansas. He holds a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Washington and is particularly interested in regional development including timber interests, ports, and commercial real estate trends. Dr. Warf has co-authored three geography textbooks and numerous book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and journal articles. His most recent book is Global Geographies of the Internet, and his professional writing has appeared in Geographical Review, the Journal of Geography in Higher Education, and Urban Geography. He is a member of the Association of American Geographers and the International Geographical Union.

Target Audience:

People interested in Human geography.


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