Title Practical Creativity
Subtitle Activities and Ideas for Your Language Classroom
Author Anne Cummings Hlas
ISBN 9781516513338
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“In Practical Creativity, teachers will find a variety of engaging activities to expand the repertoire of their lesson plans. Clear descriptions are accompanied by detailed images. It is sure to be the resource you reach for to increase student target language production in all levels!”

Pamela Larson, North High School


Practical Creativity: Activities and Ideas for Your Language Classroom is full of great ideas to make the language classroom a creative space! Based in research and with attention to practicality, the book is for all language teachers and learners at all levels who want to foster creativity in their teaching and learning.”

Susan Hildebrandt, Illinois State University


“I enjoyed Practical Creativity and feel it is a must-read for all Language teachers. Cummings Hlas does an amazing job presenting activities and ideas with concrete examples that truly promote creativity. The book has, and will continue to, inspire me to modify my own teaching and activities to be more creative every day.”

Trisha Koch, Middleton High School


“If you want an excellent resource for including engaging and purposeful activities in your classroom, this is the book for you! It combines creativity and rigor for a wide range of age and ability levels. A must have!”

Ally Fregoso, Milwaukee College Preparatory School


Practical Creativity: Activities and Ideas for Your Language Classroom supplies world language, dual language, and English as a second language educators with a research-based model for using creativity to support language acquisition in the classroom. The book includes innovative learning exercises and teaching guidelines that are based on research of the cognitive and sociocultural aspects of creativity and learning.

Part I of the text helps instructors understand the role of creativity in language learning and teaching. The chapters outline the characteristics of creativity, ways to nurture inherent creative potential, divergent and convergent thinking skills, and creative challenges that can connect language and play in the classroom.

Part II helps educators apply theory to practice by teaching them how to employ creative, multimodal learning experiences for their students. The chapters examine various strategies and specific activities to integrate multiple modes into the classroom. Examples include the use of gestural language to enrich spoken messages, the use of digital media in the classrooms, and the introduction of tactile materials to bolster learning.

Featuring research, theory, creative challenges, and suggested multimodal activities, Practical Creativity is an ideal text for language educators who wish to revitalize their classroom with creativity-inspired lessons.





Chapter 1: Why Creativity In The Classroom? • Objectives For Chapter 1 • Creative Warm-Up: Drawing With Picasso • Introduction To Creativity • How Is Creativity Defined? • Characteristics Of Creativity • Why Do We Need Creativity? • Creativity And Twenty-First Century Skills • Bilingualism And Creativity • How Do We Define Creative Language Teaching? • Creative Language Teaching • Teaching To Enhance Students’ Creativity • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Mapping Creative Teaching And Learning • Creativity Journal

Chapter 2: Keys To Promoting Creative Thinkers In The Classroom • Objectives For Chapter 2 • Creative Warm-Up: Testing Your Divergent Thinking Skills • A Creative Climate • Cultivating The Creative Thinker • Open To New Experiences • Collaborator • Perspective • Intrinsically-Motivated • Positive • Patient • Decision-Maker • Observant • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Planning A Cue-Rich Climate • Creativity Journal

Chapter 3: Creative Thinking Tools For The Classroom • Objectives For Chapter 3 • Creative Warm-Up: Paper Clip Challenge • Introduction To Creative Thinking • What Is Creative Thinking? • Guidelines For Creative Thinking • Creative-Thinking Tools For Idea Generation • Brainstorming • Scamper • Force Fitting • Morphological Matrix • Creative-Thinking Tools For Idea Focusing • Evaluation Matrix • Hits And Hot Spots • Alu (Advantages, Limitations, And Unique Potential) • Pairwise Comparisons • Creative Examples • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Sharpening Your Creative-Thinking Skills • Creativity Journal

Chapter 4: A Lesson In Piggybacking Objectives For Chapter 4 • Creative Warm-Up: Drawing Droodles • Introduction To Creative Challenges • Competitive Problem-Solving Programs • Example Of A Longer Creative Challenge • Creative Quick Thinks • Identifying Functions, Forms, And Vocabulary • Designing Quick Thinks • Performance-Based Quick Thinks • Task-Based Quick Thinks • Combination Quick Thinks • Debriefing Quick Thinks • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Building Your Own Quick Think • Creativity Journal

Part 2: From Theory To Practice: The Creative, Multi-Modal Learning Experience

Chapter 5: The Power of Visuals • Objectives For Chapter 5 • Creative Warm-Up: Working With Wuzzles • Introduction To Visual Learning • Visual Comment Charts • Bridging Charts • Visual-Input Diagrams • Visual Storytelling • Picture-By-Picture Narration • Classroom-Made Big Books • Following With Our Fingers • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Telling A Story With A Point • Creativity Journal

Chapter 6: A Classroom On The Move • Objectives For Chapter 6 • Creative Warm-Up: Musical Gestures • Introduction • Gestures • Active Alliteration • Yes, Let’s • What Are You Doing? • Freeze • First Line, Last Line • Paint A Picture • I Remember When. … • Total Physical Response • Action Series • Movement • Creative Conductor • Whole Body Voting • Room To Move • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Designing An Action Series • Creativity Journal

Chapter 7: Sounds Of Creativity • Objectives For Chapter 7 • Creative Warm-Up: Matching Call And Response • Oral Storytelling • Member Of The Class • Pass The Story • Chained Sentences • Dictogloss • Sound-Sequence Storytelling • Songs • Songwriter • Chants • Lyric Sort • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Composing A Lyrical Poem • Creativity Journal

Chapter 8: Hands-On Puzzles • Objectives For Chapter 8 • Creative Warm-Up: Personalizing And Predicting • Missing-Information Puzzles • Following Procedures • Solving A Logic Problem • Drawing With Magic Paper • Playing With Putty • Completing A Story • Problem-Solving Puzzles • Guessing With Tactile Balloons • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Designing A Missing-Information Puzzle • Creativity Journal

Chapter 9: Digitally-Enhanced Language Learning • Objectives For Chapter 9 • Creative Warm-Up: Planning With Creative Constraints • New Literacies • Emoji Storytelling • Tweets In A Stream • Sarcastic Product Reviews • Visual Play With Memes • Pieceword Puzzles • Feature Yourself • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Summarizing With Multimodal Messages • Creativity Journal

Chapter 10: When Creativity Strikes: Putting It All Together • Objectives For Chapter 10 • Creative Warm-Up: Interviewing With Google • Creative Role Models • Teach To Your Interests • Lesson-Planning With Creativity In Mind • Planning Creative Language Teaching • Planning For Student Creativity • Final Thoughts • Creative Challenge—Examining A Creative Lesson • Creativity Journal








About the Author:

Anne Cummings Hlas is professor of Spanish at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. She has taught language methods courses and Spanish at all levels for more than 20 years. Additionally, she has conducted several workshops on creativity and has authored numerous academic articles for journals such as Foreign Language Annals, Hispania, and The Language Educator.

Target Audience:

Useful for language educators who wish to revitalize their classroom with creativity-inspired lessons.


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