Title Losing America, Conquering India
Subtitle Lord Cornwallis and the Remaking of the British Empire
Author Chaim M. Rosenberg
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On October 19, 1781, British general Charles Lord Cornwallis surrendered his army at Yorktown, effectively ending the Revolutionary War and conceding the independence of the United States of America. Britain soon overcame the humiliation of defeat by expanding its empire elsewhere. Five years after Yorktown, Cornwallis was installed as governor and commander of the army in India, determined to make the subcontinent the brightest jewel in the British crown.

Officers who served under him during the War rose to high positions in the British army and navy. Emulating Cornwallis’s deep sense of duty to king and country, they vigorously pursued the conquest of India, put down the 1798 Irish Rebellion, defended Canada, defeated the Dutch at the Cape of Good Hope, occupied Ceylon and battled Napoleon. Prominent among them was General Sir James Henry Craig, governor of Canada, whose clumsy attempt to spy on the U.S. was a factor in setting off the War of 1812.



Chapter 1: Settlement of North America            

Chapter 2: The 13 Colonies and Plantations   

Chapter 3: Rebellion           

Chapter 4: British Campaign of   1777               

Chapter 5: The Penobscot Expedition              

Chapter 6: Mid-Atlantic Battles           

Chapter 7: The War of the South       

Chapter 8: Gibraltar             

Chapter 9: The Men and Officers of the British Army      

Chapter 10: The French Revolution and Flanders          

Chapter 11: Conquest of the Cape of Good Hope           

Chapter 12: Governor of the Cape Colony       

Chapter 13: Irish Rebellion of  1798  

Chapter 14: India—The Brightest Jewel            

Chapter 15: Craig in India  

Chapter 16: The Great Terror             

Chapter 17: Army of the Mediterranean             

Chapter 18: Carleton, Clarke, Simcoe and Craig in Canada           

Chapter 19: The John Henry Spy Scandal       

Chapter 20: Return to London           


Chapter Notes



About the Author:

Chaim M. Rosenberg is a physician, trained in psychiatry. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Target Audience:

People interested in History.


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