Title Handbook of Breast Cancer and Related Breast Disease
Author Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, Susan B. Kesmodel, Steven J. Feigenberg
ISBN 9781620700990
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No of pages 370
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Publishing year 2017
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Handbook of Breast Cancer and Related Breast Disease is a practical guide to the management of patients with breast malignancies and related non-neoplastic lesions. Written and edited by leading experts, this handbook focuses on the application of conventional and novel treatment strategies to the care of patients with nonmalignant breast disease and all stages of breast cancer.

The handbook is organized chronologically, from screening, through diagnosis and management, to survivorship care and related medical issues. The bulk of these chapters provide evidence-based treatment strategies for all patient subsets, including how to manage patients with high risk breast lesions, invasive breast carcinoma at each stage, and with all known molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Surgical, radiation, and medical treatment options are all discussed for each stage of breast cancer including treatment approaches in pregnancy and for high risk lesions and phyllodes. This handbook is a comprehensive yet concise resource for residents, fellows, and early-career practitioners. Community oncologists, breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, primary care practitioners, and OBGYNs will also find its concise review of new research and procedures to be very useful in this dynamic field of medicine.


  • Discusses genomic testing in management of early stage breast cancer
  • Covers adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment approaches
  • Includes short clinical trial reviews for quick update of study endpoints and results for reference in management of breast cancer
  • Outlines strategies for survivorship issues
  • Key points in each chapter highlight management pearls and summarize other important concepts and clinical recommendations





Chapter 1. Breast Imaging: Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, Staging, and Surveillance (Cristina Campassi, Lyn Ho, Jessica Galandak, Sergio Dromi, Divya Awal, Daniel Maver, Jasleen Chopra, and Sonya Y. Khan)


Chapter 2. Management of High-Risk Breast Disease (Arielle Cimeno, Stephanie Richards, Susan B. Kesmodel,
Olga Ioffe, Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, and Emily Bellavance)


Chapter 3. Phyllodes Tumor (Jolinta Lin, Elizabeth Nichols, Susan B. Kesmodel, Dina Ioffe, Olga Iofe, and
Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk)


Chapter 4. Management of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (Susan B. Kesmodel, Natalie O’Neill, Steven J. Feigenberg,
Alex Engelman, Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, Susan Shyu, and Olga Ioffe)


Chapter 5. Early-Stage Invasive Breast Cancer (Paula Rosenblatt, J. W. Snider III, Steven J. Feigenberg, Neha Bhooshan, Sally B. Cheston, Susan B. Kesmodel, Lindsay Hessler, Julia Terhune, Olga Ioffe, Rachel White, Yang Zhang, Ina Lee,
Krista Chain, Chad Tarabolous, Rawand Faramand, Angela DeRidder, Jennifer Ding, and Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk)


Chapter 6. Metastatic Breast Cancer (Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, Paula Rosenblatt, Angela DeRidder, Syed S. Mahmood, Reshma L. Mahtani, Geetha Pukazhendhi, Susan B. Kesmodel, Jason Molitoris, and Randi Cohen)


Chapter 7. Breast Cancer in Pregnancy (Ewa Mrozek, Susan B. Kesmodel, and Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk)


Chapter 8. Breast Cancer Reconstruction (Rachel Bluebond-Langner, Erin M. Rada, and Sheri Slezak)


Chapter 9. Genetic Syndromes Associated With Increased Risk of Breast Carcinoma (Jessica Scott and Carolyn Rogers)


Chapter 10. Integrative Approaches to Symptom Management in Breast Cancer Patients (Ting Bao)


Chapter 11. Breast Cancer Survivorship (Paula Rosenblatt, Ikumi Suzuki, Angela DeRidder, and Nilam Patel)



About the Editors:

Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, MD, FACP

Professor of Medicine

University of Maryland School of Medicine;

Director, Breast Evaluation and Treatment Program

University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center

Baltimore, Maryland


Susan B. Kesmodel, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

University of Maryland School of Medicine;

Division of General and Oncologic Surgery, Department of Surgery

Director of Breast Surgery, University of Maryland Medical Center

Baltimore, Maryland


Steven J. Feigenberg, MD

Professor, Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

Director for Clinical Research

Director of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Program/Director of Emerging Technologies

University of Maryland

Target Audience:

Community oncologists, breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, primary care practitioners, and OBGYNs .


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