Title Casebook for DSM-5®
Subtitle Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Author Elizabeth Ventura
ISBN 9780826127525
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This unique casebook for graduate-level programs in the mental health professions is a masterful vehicle for students to put the new DSM-5 into practice by presenting actual clinical experiences from practitioners. It is distinguished from other casebooks by its presentation of real-life cases along with the rationale behind diagnostic criteria and a connection of DSM-5 criteria with symptomatology for each case. In addition, the detailed vignettes include a complete discussion of treatment interventions and client management that is crucial for students in helping professions. These treatment considerations are inclusive of a wide range of evidence-based approaches. Multiple cases are presented within each major category of disorders to help students understand the nature of differential diagnosis. Cases also reflect cultural and social consideration in making diagnostic decisions.

Each case is consistently formatted to include an overview of the client, symptoms/problems, diagnosis, and treatment interventions, including components, applications, and results/prognosis. Readers will have an opportunity to formulate their own reactions and diagnostic impressions for each case before the commentary reveals the correct conclusion. An ideal text to enhance courses in psychopathology and diagnosis, as well as practicum and internship, the casebook will diversify and broaden the classroom experience by enlightening students with compelling clinical cases that have been experienced by practicing professionals.

Key Features:

  • Presents in-demand DSM-5 content in depth
  • Designed to meet the training needs of nonmedical mental health professionals
  • Offers breadth and depth of coverage including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment planning
  • Includes multiple cases in each DSM-5 diagnostic category to illustrate differential diagnosis
  • Describes cultural and social implications in each case



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About the Editor:

Elizabeth Ventura, PhD, LPL, NCC, is a counselor educator, qualitative researcher, and trauma specialist. She has been practicing clinically since 2004 and has specific clinical training in both cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Although her area of expertise focuses on trauma work and the treatment of eating disorders, she has built her clinical practice working with individuals across the life span where she has experience in various mental health conditions. She is a core faculty member in the clinical mental health counseling department at Walden University. Her teaching experience includes such courses as psychopathology and diagnosis, research design and program evaluation, testing and appraisal, advanced counseling techniques, foundations of counseling, counseling trauma survivors, practicum, internship, and supervision.

Dr. Ventura has presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences, including the profession’s flagship professional conferences, the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. She has published chapters in such texts as Trauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions; The Counselor’s Companion: What Every Beginning Counselor Needs to Know; and the forthcoming Introduction to the Counseling Profession. In addition, she is the president of Associates in Counseling & Wellness, LLC, which provides private therapy and group therapy services to individuals, families, and couples.

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