Title What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex, 2/e
Author Stephanie Buehler
ISBN 9780826174444
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The second edition of this acclaimed guide to understanding sexuality and working with clients on sexuality issues is extensively updated to reflect recent scientific, practical, and social developments in the field. It provides updated information on relevant disorders in the DSM-5, new theoretical approaches, new pharmacological treatments, updated information on STDs, new understandings of transgender individuals, the impact of same-sex marriage laws, controversies over sex addiction, and much more. Chapters are enhanced with the addition of new take-away points, additional worksheets, and a glossary.

Distinguished by an easy-to-read, down-to-earth approach, the text provides plentiful information, tools, and exercises to increase the confidence and comfort of both trainee and experienced mental health professionals treating sexual issues. Based on the premise that the therapist must be comfortable with his or her own sexuality in order to provide effective treatment, the book discusses the characteristics of healthy sexuality for both client and therapist and addresses issues of discomfort that may arise for the therapist.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Sexual and other disorders in DSM-5
  • New understandings of sexual identity and fluidity, including transgender
  • Legal status of same-sex marriage
  • New pharmacological treatments for sexual issues
  • New methods of sexological research
  • Updated and expanded coverage of assessment tools
  • Mindfulness interventions
  • Supplemental Instructor’s Manual with quizzes and chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint slides
  • Updated Practitioner Resources including informational handouts and illustrations


Foreword by Paul Joannides, PsyD

Part I: The Courage to Treat Sexual Problems

Chapter 1. Sexuality and the Mental Health ProfessionWhy the silence about sexuality?Take-away points Activities Resources References

Chapter 2. Making the Shift: Comfort With Sexuality Stage 1: self-examination Stage 2: sex from the client’s point of view Stage 3: freedom and comfort in talking about sex Stage 4: a new level of comfort with clients’ issues Supervision and consultation Take-away points Activities Resources References

Chapter 3. Sexual Anatomy and Psychosexual Development Sexual anatomy Sexual development Take-away points Activities Resources References Kegels for everyone

Chapter 4. Evolution of the Field of Sexology and Sexual Health Definitions Historical view of sexual health Scholarly definitions of sexual health Risks to sexual health Relational factors and sexual health The sexuality of the therapist Take-away points Activities Resources References Declaration of sexual rights How to use a condom consistently and correctly

Part II: Assessing and Treating Sexual Concerns

Chapter 5. Assessing Sexual Problems Sexological microsystem Sexological mesosystem Sexological exosystem Sexological macrosystem Sexological chronosystem The sexological ecosystemic assessment The sexual genogram Take-away points Activities Resources References Sexological ecosystemic questionnaire

Chapter 6. Women’s Sexual Health Problems Female sexual interest/arousal disorder Losing one’s natural drive: low interest in sex Female orgasmic disorder Sexual disgust: A problem with no diagnosis Take-away points Activities Resources References Sensate focus activities Experiencing orgasm

Chapter 7. Men’s Sexual Health Problems Socialization and male sexuality Erectile disorder Improving erectile function and sexual confidence The problem of ejaculating quickly Developing ejaculatory control When ejaculation is delayed Male hypoactive sexual desire disorder Treating low desire in men Take-away points Activities Resources References Tips for better erections Tips for lasting longer

Chapter 8. Relationships and Sex Therapy Factors that contribute to sexual dissatisfaction Take-away points Activities Resources References Talking to each other about sex Sex, love, and contraception A trip to the sex toy shop I like/I don’t like…

Chapter 9. Parents’ Questions About Sex When to start talking about sex Answering parents’ common questions Take-away points Activities Resources References Talking to your children about sex Talking about sexual values

Chapter 10. Therapy With Sexual Minorities Understanding sexual orientation Avoiding bias Asexuality The transgender experience Sexual behavior in the LGBTQ population Treating sexual problems in LGBTQ clients Take-away points Activities Resources References Preparing for anal sex

Chapter 11. Sexuality and Mental Health Problems Assessing sexual problems caused by mental illness Depressive and bipolar disorders Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders Trauma-related disorders Feeding and eating disorders Substance-related disorders Neurodevelopmental disorders Somatic disorders Personality disorders Sexual side effects of antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs Management strategies Other drugs that can cause sexual problems Take-away points Activities Resources References When a partner is mentally ill: relationship tips

Chapter 12. Sexual Recovery in Trauma Survivors Posttraumatic stress disorder versus complex trauma Complex trauma in survivors of childhood sexual abuse Treating sexual problems in adult survivors of abuse Military sexual trauma • Novel approaches to treating trauma Addressing specific sexual dysfunctions A final word to therapists about treating survivors Take-away points Activities Resources References Mindfulness and sexuality Understanding sexual triggers

Chapter 13. Healing Painful Sex Understanding pain Assessment of sexual pain disorders The psychological fallout of painful sex Types of sexual pain disorders in women Treatment of female sexual pain disorders Types of sexual pain disorders in men Mental health in the treatment of men’s sexual pain disorders A word about integrated care Take-away points Activities Resources References Understanding pain management Outercourse

Chapter 14. Sexuality and Reproduction Infertility Sexual dysfunction and infertility Effect on the couple’s intimacy Assessment and treatment of infertility-related sexual problems Sexuality, pregnancy, and the postpartum period Treatment of sexual problems related to pregnancy and childbirth Take-away points Activities Resources References Sex after baby

Chapter 15. Sexuality and Medical Problems Effects of illness on relationships and sexuality Cancer Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia Diabetes mellitus Neurological disorders Skin disorders Assessment Treatment Take-away points Activities Resources References Preparing to engage in sexual activity Tips for coping with chronic illness or cancer together

Chapter 16. Sexually Transmitted Infections Bacterial vaginosis Chlamydia Genital herpes Gonorrhea HIV/AIDS Human papillomavirus Syphilis Talking to couples and sexually active individuals about STIs Take-away points Activities Resources References • Preventing STIs

Chapter 17. Sexuality and Aging Myths about sexuality in older adults Understanding obstacles to sexual activity as we age Assessment of sexual problems in aging adults Take-away points Activities Resources References Enjoying sex as a mature adult

Chapter 18. Alternative Sexual Practices Alt sex practices in therapy Who practices alt sex—and why? Assessment and treatment of alt sex practices Take-away points Activities Resources References

Chapter 19. Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior Historical view Assessment of OCSB Treatment of OCSB Take-away points Activities Resource References Dealing with ocsb

Part III: Ethics and Practice of Sex Therapy

Chapter 20. Ethical Management of Sex Therapy Casework Maintaining appropriate boundaries Transference and counter transference of attraction Objectivity around issues of sexuality Sexual medicine: blessing or curse? Managing secrets in conjoint therapy Take-away points Activities Resources References

Chapter 21. Sex Therapy: Now and in the Future Problems in the field The practice of sex therapy Marketing yourself as a sex therapist Continuing education In closing Take-away points Resources References


About the Author:

Stephanie Buehler, PsyD, CST-S, is a licensed psychologist and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor. She is a director of The Buehler Institute, an APA approved provider of continuing education about sex therapy for individuals and couples. Dr. Buehler also works on an integrated team at Womanology/Restore Him, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Orange County, CA, a pelvic floor physical therapy clinic that provides services to women and men with sexual pain disorders. She has published on sexuality for both professional and lay audiences, including the book Sex, Love, and Mental Illness: A Couple’s Guide to Staying Connected and the upcoming Couples Counseling Before, During and After the Pregnancy: Sexuality and Intimacy, and her research has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Sexual Medicine and Current Sexual Health Reports. Dr. Buehler is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

Target Audience:

Trainee and experienced mental health professionals treating sexual issues.


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