Title The Effective Pharmacy Preceptor
Author Mate M. Soric, Stacey R. Schneider, Scott Wisneski
ISBN 9781585285549
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 248
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2017
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Preceptor development is a topic rarely covered in pharmacy education, although pharmacists across the country are routinely asked to give back to their profession by precepting student and resident learners. Resources exist to help preceptors gain the skills and understand the theories of experiential education, but they are scattered across numerous sources, presented in an academic tone, or not comprehensive in nature. As such, the quality of precepting can vary significantly from practitioner to practitioner.

Designed to serve as a user’s guide for new and experienced preceptors of both residents and experiential students, The Effective Pharmacy Preceptor offers insight to common precepting scenarios and is organized by the timeline and tasks associated with a resident or student’s experience.





Part I: Building the Experience

Chapter 1: The Lay of the Land: Assessing Your Practice Site for Learning Experiences
Mate M Soric

Chapter 2: Tailoring the Experience
S Scott Wisneski

Chapter 3: Writing Your Syllabus or Learning Experience Description
Mate M Soric

Part II: Conducting the Experience

Chapter 4: Orientation
Mate M Soric

Chapter 5: The Art of Teaching
Stacey R Schneider

Chapter 6: Assessing Learner Performance
S Scott Wisneski

Chapter 7: Dealing with Difficult Situations
Stacey R Schneider

Chapter 8: Wrapping Up the Rotation
S Scott Wisneski

Part III: After the Experience

Chapter 9: Guidance Beyond the Learning Experience
Stacey R Schneider

Chapter 10: Preceptor Assessment and Development
Jaclyn Boyle

Chapter 11: Using Learners to Improve Your Practice Site
Lukas Everly


Target Audience:

This book is designed for the evolving roles of new pharmacists and can be especially helpful for preceptors who want to develop their own rotations.

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