Title Twelve Essential Topics in Early Childhood
Subtitle A Year of Professional Development for Staff Meetings
Author Nancy P. Alexander
ISBN 9781605545523
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Twelve Essential Topics in Early Childhood is potentially a game changer… A wonderful addition to both the novice and experienced administrator’s tool kit.”

—Kay M. Albrecht, author of Social Emotional Tools for Life


Twelve Essential Topics in Early Childhood Meetings is a tool for program administrators to prepare successful professional development experiences for their staff during monthly meetings. The book includes an agenda and outline for each topic along with a materials list, handouts, and instructions for activities. Also included is a CD-ROM with twelve PowerPoint presentations and reproducibles for each topic.



Chapter 1: Training  Tips

Chapter 2: Follow-Up and Coaching

Chapter 3: We Are All Alike: We Are All Different

Chapter 4: Focusing on Families

Chapter 5: Connecting with Children: Interactions and Relationships

Chapter 6: Guidance that Works!

Chapter 7: Stop, Look, and Learn: The Value of Observation

Chapter 8: Creative Indoor Environments: Room Arrangement as a Guide to Learning and Behavior

Chapter 9: Technology is Terrific!

Chapter 10: Do the Right Thing: Ethics and Professionalism

Chapter 11: Come Play with Me

Chapter 12: Let’s Go Outside

Chapter 13: Super Science FUN!

Chapter 14: Brain Development: The Basics

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About the Author:

Nancy P. Alexander is an award winning professional trainer, the executive director of Northwestern State University Child and Family Network, and president of the North Louisiana Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). She regularly conducts workshops and training sessions at national and regional conferences and teaches interactive early childhood education courses over the internet. Alexander is the author of Early Childhood Workshops That Work: The Essential Guide to Successful Training and Workshops and Nailing Jelly to the Wall: Defining and Providing Technical Assistance in Early Childhood Education.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of Education.

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