Title Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Economics Workbook, 2/e
Author Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie
ISBN 9781510421288
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This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education


  • Provides learner support for the Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Economics Syllabuses (0455/2281) for examination from 2020.
  • Has passed Cambridge International’s rigorous quality-assurance process.
  • Developed by subject experts.
  • For Cambridge schools worldwide.


Reinforce learning and deepen understanding of the key concepts covered in the revised syllabus; an ideal course companion or homework book for use throughout the course.

  • Develop and strengthen skills and knowledge with a wealth of additional exercises that perfectly supplement the Student’s Book.
  • Build confidence with extra practice for each lesson to ensure that a topic is thoroughly understood before moving on.
  • Consolidate knowledge and skills with exercises based on authentic contexts and problems.
  • Keep track of students’ work with ready-to-go write-in exercises.
  • Save time with all answers available online in the Online Teacher’s Guide.


SECTION 1: The Basic economic problem • Chapter 1: The nature of the economic problem • Chapter 2: The factors of production • Chapter 3: Opportunity cost • Chapter 4: Production possibility curve

SECTION 2: The allocation of resources • Chapter 5: Microeconomics and macroeconomics • Chapter 6: The role of markets in allocating resources • Chapter 7: Demand • Chapter 8: Supply • Chapter 9: Price determination • Chapter 10: Price changes • Chapter 11: Price elasticity of demand (PED) • Chapter 12: Price elasticity of supply (PES) • Chapter 13: Market economic system • Chapter 14: Market failure • Chapter 15: Mixed economic system

SECTION 3: Microeconomic decision makers • Chapter 16: Money and banking • Chapter 17: Households • Chapter 18: Workers • Chapter 19: Trade unions • Chapter 20: Firms • Chapter 21: Firms and production • Chapter 22: Firms’ costs, revenue and objectives • Chapter 23: Market structure

SECTION 4: Government and the macroeconomy • Chapter 24: The role of government • Chapter 25: The macroeconomic aims of government • Chapter 26: Fiscal policy • Chapter 27: Monetary policy • Chapter 28: Supply-side policy • Chapter 29: Economic growth • Chapter 30: Employment and unemployment • Chapter 31: Inflation and deflation

SECTION 5: Economic development • Chapter 32: Living standards • Chapter 33: Poverty • Chapter 34: Population • Chapter 35: Differences in economic development between countries

SECTION 6: International trade and globalisation • Chapter 36: International specialisation • Chapter 37: Globalisation, free trade and protection • Chapter 38: Foreign exchange rates • Chapter 39: Current account of balance of payments


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This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics syllabus.

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