Title Why My Horse Doesn’t Listen
Subtitle Learn to Communicate Effectively
Author Vivek Mehrotra
ISBN 9788130906164
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 192
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2017
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‘You can take a horse to the pond but cannot make it drink’ is an old proverb. Similarly: ‘You can speak a lot; however, what gets communicated depends upon how one listens.’

Do you often pick up an argument or develop misunderstanding with your spouse, seniors or subordinates? Is this a problem or a symptom? After reading the book one can be sure that an argument or a misunderstanding is a symptom, not the problem. The problem could be lack of empathy, feeling of superiority or inferiority or lack of confidence in oneself.

This book will help you to get your message across clearly, whether you are communicating with someone in person or making a presentation. Why My Horse Doesn’t Listen will help you to communicate effectively in all spheres of your life

H: Communicating at Home

O: Communicating at Office

R: Communicating with Relatives

S: Communicating with Spouse, Seniors & Subordinates

E: Communicating with External World

This book will be an effective tool for a rewarding professional career and successful personal/ social life.

Contents: An introduction • The Process • Body Language • Listening • The Barriers • Neuro-Linguistic Programming • JoHari Windows • Transactional Analysis • Emotions • Style • Written • Email Etiquette • Communication- Presentation Skills

About the Author: Vivek Mehrotra has garnered a vivid experience of 26 years in Sales and Training. He is working as the GM-Head (Talent Transformation & Development) with Reliance Retail Limited. Vivek is an accomplished corporate trainer and has authored several bestsellers, namely

Why My Horse Doesn’t Drink: Learn to Motivate People Around You

Essentials of Pharmaceutical Sales Management

Get, Set & Grow: A Handbook for Medical Representatives

Target Audience: Corporates, service industries, trainers, media personnels, management professionals and students, teachers, for everyone.

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