Title Science, Faith and Medicine
Subtitle Prevention, Cure and Healing
Author Vinod Kumar Nigam, Siddharth Nigam
ISBN 9789388653435
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 236
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2019
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About the book


‘Now we have a book which has impressed me. Treat yourself to a marvelous adventure and inspirational experience by reading this book.’
— Harold G. Koenig


This book explains the interdependence of science and spirituality as well as the links between science, faith, health and medicine. Researchers have confirmed that faith and prayer help in improving physical as well as mental health. Researchers from all over the world are realizing a clear and measurable effect of faith on health and sickness. Medicine now openly accepts the role of faith and spirituality. Faith gives strength to face a negative event or illness, when hope is required the most. Scientific studies have shown that hope and positive thoughts change the body’s hormonal and biochemical scenario to stimulate healing. This book explains how science, faith and healing are dependent on each other and helps you to derive a greater understanding of it and eventually to lead a better life.






Chapter 1: Faith that Heals: Faith Can Move A Mountain

Chapter 2: How Faith Works

Chapter 3: Five Pillars of Health and Longevity

Chapter 4: Faith-Body-Mind-Spirit

Chapter 5: Faith and Longevity

Chapter 6: Faith, Meditation and Healing

Chapter 7: Faith, Visualization and Healing

Chapter 8: Faith Helps Healing in Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Stress, Depression and Insomnia

Chapter 9: Faith, Spirituality and Medicine

Chapter 10: Faith, Prayer and God

Chapter 11: Faith and Health Connection: Past, Present and Future

Chapter 12: Are Faith and Science at Loggerheads?

Chapter 13: Epilogue


About the Authors:

Dr. V.K. Nigam, MBBS, MS, FICS, FIAGES, is a Senior Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Max Hospital in Gurugram, India. He is the author of three books, Essentials of Abdominal Wall Hernias, 40 Minutes with God, and An Introduction to History of Medicine. He received his training in Laparoscopic Surgery at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland, UK, under Prof. Alfred Cuschieri, one of the pioneers of laparoscopic surgery. He is also the inventor of two operative techniques in general surgery, i.e. ‘Window Operation’ for Hydrocoele and Nigam’s Reverse Curtain Hernioplasty’ (NRCH) for Inguinal Hernia Repair. He has published a number of papers in various national and international journals of repute. He has presented papers at various national and international conferences and also has been invited as Faculty. He was the Chief Surgeon at Aden Refinely Company Hospital (Ex British Petroleum), Little Aden, Aden, Yemen Republic. He speaks fluent Arabic. He is also the General Editor, Medicine and Spirituality series. He also writes a blog ‘40 Minutes with God’ on www.speakingtree.in

Dr. Siddharth Nigam, MBBS, MS (General Surgery) is a Senior Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Max Hospital, Gurugram. He is also the co-author of three books, Essentials of Abdominal Wall Hernias, 40 Minutes with God and An Introduction to History of Medicine. He is also the co-inventor of a surgical technique for Inguinal Hernia , ‘NRCH’. He has presented various papers at national and international conferences in the field of general Surgery.

Target Audience:

People interested in Medicine and Spirituality.



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