Title Human Rights Gender and Environment
Author Tapan Biswal
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This book is aimed at provoking penetrating inquiry into a wide range of issues. The contours of Human Rights, Gender and Environment issues in India are a difficult terrain and reflect complexities and contradictions of our socio-economic political system. The subject literature has been objectively and passionately laid out by the contributors in their specific segment. A careful and conscious effort has been made and a collective decision arrived at to avoid rhetoric and adding hues to the issues involved. A persuasive argument generating sensitivity to the issues has been the authors’ approach. The inputs are intended to enable the curious and probing mind to evolve a critical thinking and rational approach in a society in which she lives, interacts and ultimately becomes an indivisible element of the organic whole.

This book is divided into three broad sections—Human Rights, Gender and Environment. While these broad areas have been treated separately and comprehensively in their respective sections, one can discern a common thread running through all these sections showing their interrelations. In the age of globalization and liberalization the human rights discourse has evolved drastically encompassing many new dimensions within its ambit. This book is a humble attempt at addressing these issues.

 Contents: Understanding Social Inequality • Caste, Class, Gender and Ethnicity as Distinct categories and their interconnections - Tila Kumar & Hemanta Kumar Bhattu • Globalization and its impact on Dalits - Tila Kumar • HUMAN RIGHTS • Human Rights: Various Meanings- Nachiketa Singh • UN Declarations and Covenants - Dr Tapan Biswal & Mithilesh Kumar Singh • Human Rights and Citizenship Rights - Karunakar Patra • Human Rights and the Indian Constitution - Dr Jitinder Kaur • Human Rights, Laws and Institutions in India: The Role of the National Human Rights Commission - Dr Niranjan Sahoo • Human Rights of Marginalized Groups: Dalits, Adivasis, Women, Minorities and Unorganised Workers - Bishnu Satapathy • Consumer Rights: The Consumer Protection Act and Grievance Redressal Mechanisms - Dr Savita Hanspal • Human Rights Movement in India - Dr Niranjan Sahoo • GENDER • Analysing Structures of Patriarchy - Gyanaranjan Swain • Gender, Culture and History - Tanaya Mohanty • Economic Development and Women - Aradhana Nanda & P.G. Arul • The Issue of Women’s Political Participation and Representation in India - Dr Sangeeta Dhal • Laws, Institutions and Women’s Rights in India - Dr Nivedita Pradhan • Women’s Movement in India - Dr Tapan Biswal & Tanaya Mohanty • ENVIRONMENT • Environment and Sustainable Development- Gyanaranajan Swain • UN Environment Programme: Rio, Johannesburg and After- Dr Tapan Biswal & Manish Kumar • Issues of Industrial Pollution, Global warming, Threats to Biodiversity - Sasmita Mishra & Sanjay Mishra • Environment Policy in India - Dr Subhendu Ranjan Raj • Environmental Movement in India - Sanjeev Kumar • Appendix

About the Editor: Dr. Tapan Biswal is Reader in the Department of Political Science, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. He did his postgraduation, MPhil and PhD from the University of Delhi. Dr. Biswal has been teaching political science at the University of Delhi for the last 17 years.

Target Audience: Libraries of institutes of social sciences, students and academicians of sociology, political science, economics, ecology; NGOs, feminist NGOs, environmentalists, human rights activists and underprivileged-rights organisations, consumer rights forums.

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