Title Why My Horse Doesn’t Drink
Subtitle Learn to motivate people around you
Author Vivek Mehrotra
ISBN 9788130900964
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 164
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2017
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About the book


"You can take a horse to the pond but cannot make it drink" is an old proverb. A horse wins race for his master, helps his master to charge at the opposing army. However, the same horse sometimes kicks back, goes into the wrong direction and of course drinks only when it pleases. The irony is that it is true of human beings as well.

If your team member refuses to carry out your instructions willingly, is it a problem or a symptom? After reading this book, you can be sure that refusing to work is a symptom, not the problem. The problem could be lack of interest in the job, stubbornness, excessive fear or refusing the way you are forcing him to work . No doubt, a motivated team is the secret of all successful businesses. However, motivating a team member is easier said than done. If you are faced with an unmanageable team or uncooperative colleagues, and your productivity chart is threatening to take a downturn, you must read this book! With this in hand, YOU WILL NOT ONLY TAKE YOUR HORSE TO THE POND BUT MAKE IT DRINK TOO!


Contents: Introduction • Motivation • Case studies • Some myths • An explanation • What is it? • Characteristics • Need satisfaction • Theories of motivation • Early theories of motivation • Motivation: Contemporary theories • Essence of motivational theories • How not to demotivate • Demotivators: Due to lack of proper supervision • Due to poor ‘On-the- job’ performance • Due to inappropriate leadership style • Criticism • Inappropriate communication • Signals of motivational problems • How to motivate: Different strokes for different folks (Part I) • Different strokes for different folks (Part II) • Behaviour modification • Behaviour shaping • Motivating a team • Synopsis • Postscript • Check for yourself: Is my team motivated • Reliability study of instrument: ‘Is my team motivated?’

About the Author: Vivek Mehrotra garnered a vivid experience of 24 years in sales, marketing and training. He started his career as a front-line sales personnel and rose to Head, Domestic Sales Operations, of a leading pharmaceutical company. During his ascent, he trained over 5000 front-line sales personnel and line managers. Currently, Vivek is working as the Circle Learning Head with Asia’s largest corporate training organization, NIS Sparta Ltd, a Reliance Group Company. Vivek has authored the book, Get, Set & Grow: A Handbook for Medical Representatives.


Target Audience: Managers, supervisors, trainers, HR personnel, personality development trainers, psychologists, general public, management students and teachers.

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