Title Viva Picture Dictionary
Subtitle Basic Vocabulary through Pictures (Over 1000 Words)
Author Viva Education
ISBN 9789387925991
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 72
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
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About the book


Viva Picture Dictionary introduces basic words in special categories to help children build their vocabulary.

  • It illustrates the words in their everyday contexts.
  • The themes are chosen from within children’s experience and understanding.
  • Thematic organization helps easier acquisition of basic vocabulary
  • Themes include various aspects of school life and topics in the curriculum.

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Unit 1: The Living World

Chapter 1. Wild Animals

Chapter 2. Farm and Pet Animals

Chapter 3. Water Animals 

Chapter 4. Birds

Chapter 5. Insects

Chapter 6. Trees and Plants

Chapter 7. Flowers 

Chapter 8. Food

Chapter 9. Fruits 

Chapter 10. Vegetables


Unit 2: The World Around Us

Chapter 11. Family

Chapter 12. House 

Chapter 13. Rooms in a House

Chapter 14. Things in a House

Chapter 15. Furniture 

Chapter 16. Toys and Games 

Chapter 17. Clothes

Chapter 18. Accessories

Chapter 19. Neighbourhood 

Chapter 20. Beach 

Chapter 21. Places of Worship

Chapter 22. Seasons 

Chapter 23. Nature


Unit 3: Travel and Work

Chapter 24. Land Transport

Chapter 25. Water Transport

Chapter 26. Air Transport

Chapter 27. Special Vehicles

Chapter 28. Road Safety

Chapter 29. People at Work

Chapter 30. Office


Unit 4: The Creative World

Chapter 31. Musical Instruments 

Chapter 32. Sports

Chapter 33. Tools 

Chapter 34. Cartoon Characters 


Unit 5: Myself

Chapter 35. Body Parts

Chapter 36. Feelings 

Chapter 37. Actions

Chapter 38. Courtesies

Chapter 39. Birthday 

Chapter 40. Festivals 


Unit 6: The Basics

Chapter 41. Numbers 

Chapter 42. Animal Alphabet

Chapter 43. Colours

Chapter 44. Shapes 

Chapter 45. Opposites 

Chapter 46. Positions

Target Audience:

Useful for Students of UKG.


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