Title Logistics and Retail Management, 5/e
Subtitle Emerging Issues and New Challenges in the Retail Supply Chain
Author John Fernie, Leigh Sparks
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“The book offers a wide range of contemporary insights from subject-specific experts. It is a valuable and flexible teaching resource and, most importantly, an interesting read for everyone who is passionate about retailing and distribution management.”

Christoph Teller, Chair in Retailing and Marketing, Head of Marketing and Retail Management, University of Surrey, UK


“This new edition of Logistics and Retail Management is more relevant and timelier than ever. The book helps the reader understand the complexity of logistics and supply chain management issues in retail through through theory and interesting cases that everyone can relate to. The challenges of supply chain practice, such as ethical and environmental issues, are dealt with in a very informative and constructive way.”

Britta Gammelgaard, Professor, Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


“I continue to recommend this book to students. This fifth edition, which reflects the increasing CSR, technological and environmental impacts on retail supply chains, is a well written, highly relevant and up-to-date resource for all retail logistics and supply chain management courses. This is an essential read, achieving the ideal balance between academic and practitioner perspectives of changing retail logistics and supply chains.”

Cathryn Hart, Senior Lecturer, Retailing and Operations Management, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University


Logistics and supply chains play a vital role in the overall success of retail management. This fifth edition of Logistics and Retail Management covers the major strides made in retail logistics and the challenges which remain, providing students and professionals with the current thinking and research in this strategic field. Including chapters on internationalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and green logistics, the book also explores examples from successful organizations such as Schuh and Tesco.

Fully updated with the latest international developments and on-going changes in the field, Logistics and Retail Management, 5th edition is a multi-contributed collection from leading academics and practitioners and an expert editor team. The new edition also includes material on the luxury fashion industry and the logistical challenges of e-commerce. Logistics and Retail Management, 5th edition is the essential text for students of retail logistics and supply chain management, now with supporting online resources.


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Chapter 1: Retail logistics: Changes and challenges (John Fernie and Leigh Sparks) • The logistics task • Retail logistics and supply chain transformation • Supply chain management • The grocery retail supply chain in the United Kingdom • Supply chain challenges • Conclusions • References

Chapter 2: Relationships in the supply chain (John Fernie) • Introduction • Power in buyer–seller relationships • Quick response • Efficient consumer response • The role of logistics service providers • Conclusions • References

Chapter 3: The internationalization of the retail supply chain (John Fernie) • International sourcing • Offshore sourcing and reshoring? • Differences in distribution ‘culture’ in international markets • The internationalization of logistics practices • Conclusions • References

Chapter 4: Exploring the international fashion supply chain and corporate social responsibility: Cost, responsiveness and ethical implications (Patsy Perry and Steve Wood) • Introduction • The internationalization of the fashion supply chain • Ethics and corporate social responsibility in global fashion supply chains • Conclusions • Note • References

Chapter 5: The footwear supply chain: The case of Schuh (John Fernie and Colin Temple) • Introduction • The complexity of the footwear supply chain • Offshore sourcing, reshoring and outsourcing • The case of Schuh • Conclusions • References

Chapter 6: Luxury fashion supply chain management (John Fernie and Patsy Perry) • Introduction • Definitions of luxury and luxury branding • The ‘new’ luxury • The evolution of the luxury brand • Gaining control of marketing channels • Supply chain management in luxury fashion • CSR and luxury fashion brands • Conclusions • References

Chapter 7: Tesco’s supply chain management (Leigh Sparks) • Introduction • The changing Tesco supply chain: establishing control and delivering efficiency • Coping with complexity • Conclusions, lessons and challenges • References

Chapter 8: Availability in retailing: On-shelf in-store and online fulfillment (David Grant and John Fernie) • Introduction • Availability on-shelf in-store • Availability through online fulfilment • Service failure and recovery • Conclusions • References

Chapter 9: The development of e-tail logistics (John Fernie, Suzanne Fernie and Alan McKinnon) • Introduction • The growth and development of the e/m-commerce market • Web 2.0 • Exploiting the long tail • Online shopping formats • The e-commerce consumer • The logistical challenges • Distribution of online grocery products • Distribution of online purchases of non-food items • Conclusions • References

Chapter 10: Improving the environmental performance of retail logistics (Alan McKinnon) • Introduction • The environmental effects of retail logistics • Restructuring the retail logistics system • Shifting freight to greener transport modes • Improving vehicle utilization • Improving the energy efficiency of retail deliveries • Using alternative fuels • Topical issues • Conclusions • References


About the Editors:

John Fernie is Emeritus Professor of Retail Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He has written and contributed to numerous textbooks and papers on retail management, especially in the field of retail logistics.

Leigh Sparks is Professor of Retail Studies at the Institute for Retail Studies, University of Stirling, Scotland. He is on the editorial boards of several leading marketing and business journals.

Target Audience:

Useful for students and academicians of Retail Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


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