Title The Family, 2/e
Subtitle Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change
Author Philip N. Cohen
ISBN 9780393639322
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No of pages 624
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Publishing year 2018
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Learn the story behind the data about today’s families.

Assigned at over 300 schools, The Family was an instant success due to Philip Cohen’s conversational style and robust scholarship. By encouraging sociological thinking about contemporary families, The Family helps students become savvy consumers of media-reported research. In the Second Edition, Cohen examines trends in family life such as gender fluidity, sexuality in later life, and technology’s transformation of romantic relationships. The book is further strengthened by expanded media resources including award-winning InQuizitive activities.


Chapter 1: A Sociology of the Family

Chapter 2: The Family in History

Chapter 3: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Chapter 4: Families and Social Class

Chapter 5: Gender

Chapter 6: Sexuality

Chapter 7: Love and Romantic Relationships

Chapter 8: Marriage and Cohabitation

Chapter 9: Families and Children

Chapter 10: Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Families

Chapter 11: Work and Families

Chapter 12: Family Violence and Abuse

Chapter 13: The Future of the Family

About the Author:

Philip N. Cohen, Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, is the founder of the blog FamilyInequality.com. He has published extensively on the gender division of labor within families, and between men and women outside of families. He is a correspondent for The Atlantic, has written op-eds for the New York Times, and has appeared on NPR and MSNBC. You can follow Philip N. Cohen on Twitter at

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of Sociology.


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