Title ICSE Environmental Studies 2
Subtitle Based on the Latest ClSCE Curriculum
Author Sangeeta Gupta
ISBN 9789387925946
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 136
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
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About the book


Viva ICSE Environmental Studies is a carefully graded set of two books for classes 1 and 2. It strictly follows the guidelines and curriculum framed by the CISCE.The books contain colourful illustrations to facilitate learning through visual stimulation. A variety of activities, projects and creative tasks have been included in the books to develop awareness of the natural, social and cultural environment and interact with them.They also aim at enhancing curiosity and creativity, developing appreciation for diversity and becoming sensitive to everything in the surroundings.


Key Features

  • Colourful illustrations
  • Rhymes in some chapters to sing along with teachers
  • Interactive section in `Reema Wants to Know’
  • lnteresting facts to enhance general knowledge in `You Know’
  • Inculcation of values, awareness and responsibilities through `Granny Says’
  • Discussion about values and life skills in `Granny asks?’
  • Chapter-end exercises to test children’s understanding
  • lnteresting projects, experiments and creative corner to nurture young curious minds
  • Thinking and discussion based questions on various issues in `Talk about’
  • Insert sheets including stories, facts, games, parts of vehicles and animals, good and bad touch, and many more


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Chapter 1. About Me
• About me • My favourite • I do not like these
Chapter 2. Our Body Parts • Functions of our body parts • Our sense organs • Taking care of body parts • Some do’s and dont’s
Chapter 3. Together with Family • Helping one another • Getting together
Chapter 4. Caring and Sharing • Caring for the elderly • Caring for the differently-abled • Love your pets
Chapter 5. Playing Games • Indoor games • Outdoor games • Individual games • Team games • Other games • Rules of games

Chapter 6. Food We Eat
• Food groups – energy-giving food – bodybuilding food – protective food • importance of water • balanced diet • different food habits • food to avoid
Chapter 7. We Need Water • Sources of water • Water in food items • Drinking water • Water pollution • Keeping water clean • Saving and reusing water
Chapter 8. We Need Shelter • Types of houses – kutcha houses – pucca houses – portable houses – houses with sloping roofs – Stilt Houses – Igloos • Keeping the house clean • Decorating a house
Chapter 9. Clothes We Wear • Types of clothes – cotton clothes – woollen clothes – leather clothes – silk clothes – rayon clothes – waterproof clothes – canvas clothes – jute clothes • Sources of cloth material • Cotton fibre to clothes • Care of different types of clothes
Chapter 10. Air Around Us • Features of air – air fills space – air has weight – air rises when heated • Air pollution – reducing air pollution • Air-borne diseases – how to prevent air-borne diseases

Chapter 11. Be Clean and Healthy
• Keeping our home and surroundings clean – use of dustbins • Keeping healthy and fit
Chapter 12. Safety at Home and Outside • Safety at home • Safety outside home – on the road – while playing – at school – in a vehicle • Some more safety rules

Chapter 13. Our Neighbourhood
• Places that help in emergency – hospital – police station – fire station • Places of recreation – park – community centre – zoo – restaurant – theatre • Other places in the neighbourhood – chemist’s shop – courier company – beauty parlour – shopping mall
Chapter 14. We Need Them • People who help us • People who entertain us
Chapter 15. Plants around Me • Parts of a plant and their functions • Special functions of parts of plants • Types of plants – plants that grow on land – plants that grow in water • How plants make food
Chapter 16. Plants Are Useful • Uses of plants • Taking care of plants
Chapter 17. Animals around Us • Shelter for animals • How do animals grow? • What do animals eat? • How do animals move?
Chapter 18. Vehicles We See • Animals give us food • Animals give us clothes • Animals give us manure and fuel • Animals help us to grow crops • Animals as means of transport • Other things from animals • Pet animals – body parts of pet animals – taking care of pet animals

Chapter 19. Transport
• Means of transport – road transport – rail transport – water transport – air transport • Means of transport in cities • Problems on city roads • Ways to reduce problems caused by vehicles
Chapter 20. Communication • Common means of communication – letter – telephone • Newspapers, books and magazines • Radio and television • Internet • Communication at public places • Communication for entertainment • Ways to check misuse of communication

Chapter 21. Up in the Sky • Sky in day and night – early morning – afternoon – night – rainy day • Sky in different seasons – summer – rainy season – winter • Day and night • Heavenly bodies in the sky – the sun – the moon – the stars – the planets • The solar system
Chapter 22. Time and Direction
• Time – day and night – week, month and year – Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow • Directions and locations • Maps 

About the Author:

Sangeeta Gupta is an educational books editor and resource person based in New Delhi. She has taught for several years at Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School and East Point School, both in Delhi.

Target Audience:

Students of ICSE Class 2.


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