Title Event Sponsorship and Fundraising
Subtitle An Advanced Guide
Author Tom Lunt, Eva Nicotra
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“In the ever-changing and burgeoning world of live experiences, this book manages to step back and take a firm grasp on the vital discussions and dynamics around sponsorship and fundraising events.”

Nick Adams, Founder and Managing Director, Sense


“Writing a book that will be useful for practitioners yet also appeal to an academic audience is difficult. Tom Lunt and Eva Nicotra have pulled it off. The authors demonstrate how academics in vocational fields such as event management might contribute to the improvement of practice.”

Professor Rhodri Thomas, Dean, School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Leeds Beckett University


“This is one of the first texts to address finance, fundraising and sponsorship issues in a way that is immediately relevant to events managers. The mixture of research, professional insights and industry case studies means that this book will be equally valued by teachers and students.”

Dr James Kennell, Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader for Events Management, University of Greenwich


“Event sponsorship and fundraising are critical to the success of any event delivered in today’s highly volatile and politicized world. An extremely important text examining the challenging and innovative world of sponsorship and a welcome addition to the event management literature.”

Dr Jane Ali-Knight, Professor of Festival and Event Management, Edinburgh Napier University


Securing sponsorship and other sources of funding for events is becoming increasingly competitive, making differentiation and delivery vital. Event Sponsorship and Fundraising explores this complex area of event management, drawing on both experiential marketing and consumer behaviour theories, and developing critical insights on the dynamics of successful event sponsorship. Its coverage includes professional guidance on prospecting for sponsors, brand activation and evaluation, as well as advice on relationship management, proposal writing and pitching to potential sponsors.

Event Sponsorship and Fundraising places each of these concepts at the heart of the Integrated Marketing Communications Mix, alongside cutting edge literature on the topic. Written by two highly experienced industry practitioners, both of which now teach on two of the UK’s leading event management degree courses, and supported by a comprehensive set of online resources, this book is an invaluable go-to resource for event management students, tutors and professionals alike.


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Chapter 1: Introduction to event sponsorship, fundraising, partnerships and relationship development • Learning objectives • Defining sponsorship • The growth of sponsorship • Sponsorship by sector • Case study 1: grants for the arts – Arts Council England • Professional insight 1: financing live music – interview with Andy Macleod, founder and Director of Club Fandango • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 2: Event sponsorship at the centre of the integrated marketing communications mix • Learning objectives • Defining integrated marketing communications • Event sponsorship and experiential marketing • Sponsorship insight 1: don’t overlook the local connection… • Event sponsorship and authenticity • Research insight 1: authenticity – perception is everything… • Sponsorship insight 2: what’s in the goody bag? • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 3: Delivering event sponsorship campaigns • Learning objectives • Stage 1: consider the brand’s personality • Stage 2: developing an emotional connection between a brand and its target audience • Stage 3: two-way interaction • Stage 4: exponential element and reach • Case study 2: Christian Aid and the Greenbelt Arts and Music Festival – making the ask • Professional insight 2: interview with Nick Adams, founder of Sense London • Research insight 2: brand experiences and the two roads to happiness • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 4: Identifying and securing sponsors and funding opportunities • Learning objectives • Developing the correct ‘fit’ between sponsors and events • Aligning audiences with sponsors • Identifying sponsor motivations • Getting an event ‘sponsor-ready’: layers of sponsorship • Applying sponsorship layers • Research insight 3: be careful which portfolio you get into… • Identifying a sponsor or grant-maker ‘universe’ • Fragmentation of audiences and the rise of postmodern marketing • Consumption communities, brand communities and brand tribes – powerful, double-edged phenomena for sponsors • Research insight 4: festivals – where does the money come from? • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 5: Prospecting for grant funding and sponsorship: Case studies from Scottish cycling events • Learning objectives • Introduction • Case study 3: identifying sources of funding in Scotland • Professional insight 3: the Nocturne cycle event and the Rapha cycling brand – interview with James Pearce, Head of Commercial at the Face Partnership • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 6: Preparing and delivering a sponsorship pitch • Learning objectives • Introduction • The sponsorship proposal • Types of proposals • The sponsorship development process • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 7: Managing relationships with sponsors and funding bodies • Learning objectives • Introduction • Sponsorship agreements • Contracts • Checklist for preparing a sponsorship contract • Checklist for preparing a contract – Event Scotland • Managing the sponsorship relationship • Research insight 5: sponsoring a festival – it’s not just a contract, it’s a networked relationship… • Ethical knowledge – the central event management competence • Sponsorship insight 3: where did you get that T-shirt? • Research insight 6: corporate social responsibility – moving beyond the checklist • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 8: Legal issues in event sponsorship and fundraising • Learning objectives • Introduction • Professional insight 4: managing relationships with sponsors – interview with James Tibbetts, Chief Operations Officer, Female Sports Group • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 9: Evaluating sponsorship and grant-making relationships • Learning objectives • Introduction • Why sponsorship evaluation? • Measuring the return on sponsorship • Traditional types of measurements • Research insight 7: media exposure and sponsorship awareness – a critique • Other metrics • Research insight 8: online brand recommendations as a measure of the effect of sponsorship • Third party evaluation • Conclusion • Discussion questions and activities • Further reading • References

Chapter 10: Where next for event sponsorship and fundraising? • Focus on translation opportunities through brand activation • Authenticity – the sponsors’ Holy Grail? • Physical/virtual (dis)embodied – the role of social media and digital platforms • New sponsorship opportunities: e-sports – the final frontier? • It’s not about personalities (is it?) • Fundraising insight 1: keep on networking… • Ethics – is there a skeleton in the closet? • Creativity • Conclusion • References

Chapter 11: Practical templates to kick-start your event sponsorship and fundraising • Developing a sponsorship campaign • Example of information required by a corporate sponsor • Example of information required by a grant funder

Afterword – building your career in sponsorship and fundraising • Organizations involved in sponsorship • Roles and responsibilities in sponsorship



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About the Authors:

Tom Lunt is the Programme Leader for International Events Management at the University of Surrey. He is former senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University and spent nine years working in fundraising events with organizations such as Christian Aid and the Royal Star & Garter Home for disabled servicemen and women.

Eva Nicotra is Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, teaching event planning, events marketing and sponsorship, and live music events promotion. She is an accomplished events and music industry professional and previously ran her own events management company for live events, charity fundraisers, concerts and festivals.

Target Audience:

This book is an invaluable go-to resource for event management students, tutors and professionals alike.

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