Title Viva ICSE Computer Studies 4
Subtitle Based on the Latest CISCE Curriculum
Author Anuradha Sharma
ISBN 9789388386425
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 116
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
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About the book


Lab Activities • Project Work • Activity Time

Based on Windows 10, MS Office 2016


ICSE Computer Studies is a series of 8 books for classes 1 to 8. The series is based on the latest ClSCE curriculum.


What makes ICSE Computer Studies special?

  • Learning Outcomes: List of concepts to be learnt at the completion of the chapter
  • Let’s Learn About: List of topics to be learnt
  • Activity Corner: Warm-up activity given to assess the previous learning of concepts
  • Do and Learn: Sample practical questions given to strengthen the understanding of concepts
  • Think and Discuss: Discussion-based questions given to enhance thinking skills
  • Learn More: Additional information given to enhance knowledge
  • Computer Etiquette: Computer ethics and manners to be followed while working on a computer
  • Quick Recall: Summary of the chapter given for quick revision
  • Tech Terms: Definitions of important terms given at the end of the chapter
  • Exercises: Objective and subjective questions included under various segments
  • Building Values and Life Skills: Questions based on life skills and values to build interpersonal skills such as creative-thinking, problem-solving, team-building and teamwork in students
  • Testing Knowledge: Thought-provoking questions to assess the application of knowledge and enhance thinking skills in students
  • Linking Knowledge: Questions given to help students form links with other subjects
  • Lab Fun: Interesting lab activities given to assess the application of concepts
  • Learning is Fun: Hands-on activities and projects given to enhance observation, imagination and creativity of children, and to promote group work
  • Practise More: Question bank given at the end of the book to help students prepare for examination
  • Take Challenge: Additional objective questions given to assess knowledge by applying thinking skills


Interactive Learning App

  • Activities
  • Exercises
  • Technopedia
  • Points to Remember
  • Printable Worksheets


Teacher’s Resources

  • Detailed Teacher’s Manual
  • Teacher’s App
  • Online worksheets at www.vivadigital.in

Download Teacher’s Support Material on www.vivadigital.in


Chapter 1. Computer: Storage and Memory Device - Data and Information • Data Storage Units • Computer Memory • Storage Devices   

Chapter 2. GUI Operating System: Desktop Management - Windows 10 • Taskbar • Icons • Customising the Desktop • Customising the Windows Set-up • Using the Shortcut Menu   

Chapter 3. Tools of Word Processor • Word 2016 • Starting MS Word 2016 • Working with MS Word 2016 • Editing a Document • Find and Replace Text • Checking Spelling and Grammar • Thesaurus • Word Count   

Chapter 4. Formatting in Word 2016: Formatting in Word 2016 • Changing the Font Type • Applying Bold, Italic and Underline Effects • Changing Text Alignment • Changing Text Colour • Changing Text Case • Setting Line Spacing • Setting Paragraph Spacing • Adding Bullets and Numbers   

Chapter 5. The Internet: Web Browser - Computer Network • Internet • The Internet Terminology • Net Surfing • Search Engine • Requirements for an Internet Connection • Web Browser and Its Components   

Chapter 6. PowerPoint 2016:  PowerPoint 2016 • Presentation • Starting PowerPoint 2016 • Components of PowerPoint 2016 • Creating a New Presentation • Adding Text in a Placeholder • Adding a New Slide • Applying Layout to a Slide • Types of Slide Layouts • Adding Pictures to a Slide • Saving a Presentation • Closing and Exiting a Presentation • Opening a Presentation • Slide Show   

Chapter 7.  Stepwise Thinking: Reasoning and Logical Thinking  

Chapter 8. Features of File Management: File Explorer • Working with Files and Folders • Creating a New File • Creating a New Folder • Copying a File or Folder • Moving a File or Folder • Renaming a File or Folder • Deleting a File or Folder • Restoring a File or Folder • Work Ethics 

Practise More

Take Challenge

About the Author:

Anuradha Sharma (MSc IT, BSc, PGDSLM, BEd) has been teaching in many reputed schools in Bangalore for over 18 years. She has a vast and rich experience being an educator, trainer and examiner for evaluation of examinations from past 2 years for class 10. She is currently working as High School Coordinator and Head of the Department (Computer Science).

Target Audience:

ICSE students of class 4.


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