Title French Language Acquisition MYP by Concept 4 & 5
Subtitle Phases 1­–2
Author Fabienne Fontaine
ISBN 9781510425811
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Develop your skills to become an inquiring learner; ensure you navigate the MYP framework with confidence using a concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to Individuals and societies, presented in global contexts.

  • Develop conceptual understanding with key MYP concepts and related concepts at the heart of each chapter.
  • Learn by asking questions with a statement of inquiry in each chapter.
  • Prepare for every aspect of assessment using support and tasks designed by experienced educators.
  • Understand how to extend your learning through research projects and interdisciplinary opportunities.
  • Think internationally with chapters and concepts set in global contexts.



Chapter 1: Quelle est mon identité culturelle?

Chapter 2: Qu’est-ce qu’iI y a autour de moi?

Chapter 3: Pourquoi faire la fête?

Chapter 4: À quoi sert l’école?

Chapter 5: Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger?

Chapter 6: Tu fais du sport?

Chapter 7: Quels sont tes loisirs?

Chapter 8: Suis-je responsable de mon environnement?

Chapter 9: Es-tu curieux?

Chapter 10: Comment communique-t-on?

Chapter 11: Es-tu une victime de la consommation?

Chapter 12: Qu’est-ce qui définit nos relations?



About the Author:

Fabienne Fontaine teaches MYP French at Southbank International School in London. She is also the author of French for the IB MYP 4&5: by Concept Teaching and Learning Resources. 


Target Audience:

Students and academicians of French for the IB MYP 4 & 5.

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