Title Cambridge O Level Commerce
Author Fabienne Fontaine
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This resource is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations

Written especially for the international student, this book provides full coverage of the Cambridge O Level Commerce syllabus 7100. The text covers the topics in enough depth for top-grade students whilst still being accessible for students who are studying in a second language. A range of questions and activities engages students as well as checking their understanding of the key concepts, providing thorough preparation for their examinations.

  • Chapters are matched to the syllabus content, including syllabus statements for ease of reference
  • Key terms are highlighted and important terminology explained
  • Structured and multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter provide plenty of practice
  • Chapter on assessment and examination technique
  • Answers available in the back of the book



Chapter 1: Production • The chain of production • Types of production • Specialisation and division of labour • Commerce • Business inter-relationships • Things to do

Chapter 2: Retail Trade • The role of the retailer • Types of retailer • Large-scale and small-scale retailing • Selling techniques and methods • Trends in retailing • Things to do

Chapter 3: Consumer Credit • Use of credit • Types of credit • Suitability of different types of credit • Things to do

Chapter 4: Wholesale Trade • Patterns of distribution • The role of the wholesaler • Functions and services of wholesalers • Intermediaries • Things to do

Chapter 5: Documents of Trade • Documents of home trade • Terms of payment • Things to do

Chapter 6: International Trade • The importance of international trade • Balance of trade and balance of payments • Customs authorities • Trading blocks, protectionism and free trade • Difficulties faced by exporters and importers • Things to do

Chapter 7: Advertising • The role of advertising • Advertising media • Methods of appeal • Sales promotion • Trends in advertising • Things to do

Chapter 8: Communication • The importance of communication • Methods of communication • Postal services • Trends in communication • Things to do

Chapter 9: Transport • The importance of transportation • Containerisation • Ports and airports • Transport documents • Developments and trends in transportation • Things to do

Chapter 10: Warehousing • The role of warehousing • Types of warehouse • Things to do

Chapter 11: Insurance • The purposes of insurance • Business and personal risks • Insurance principles • Effecting insurance cover • Statistical basis of insurance • Effecting a claim • Things to do

Chapter 12: Banking • Banking services • Means of payment • Trends in banking • Things to do

Chapter 13: The Business Unit • Location of business • Public and private sectors • Private sector business organisation • Franchises • Multinationals • Things to do

Chapter 14: Finance • Sources of finance • Finance for commercial activity • Improving commercial performance • Things to do

Chapter 15: The Changing Environment of Commerce • Commercial activity and the environment • Commercial and environmental effects of e-commerce • Commerce and the environment • Consumer protection • Organisations and codes of practice • Things to do

Chapter 16: Examination Preparations • Assessment objectives • The multiple choice paper (Paper 1) • The written paper (Paper 2) • Prior to the examination • Examination technique • Examination terminology



About the Author:

Dr Alan Whitcomb is internationally recognised as an experienced author of commerce and business-related textbooks. He has been a teacher and examiner and has worked in commerce and industry at management level.

Target Audience:

For Cambridge O level commerce students and teachers.

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