Title Cambridge O Level English
Author John Reynolds, Patricia Acres
ISBN 9781471868634
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No of pages 176
Book size 185 x 241 mm
Publishing year 2016
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About the book


This resource is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations

Written especially for the international student, this book provides full coverage of the Cambridge O Level English Language syllabus 1123. The book gives plenty of opportunities for students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which will prepare them both for this course and future study and employment. Each section focuses on a different type of writing, and includes both reading and writing tasks, so that these skills can be taught together.

  • Wide range of extracts featuring different types of text from around the world
  • Plenty of practice exercises for both reading and writing
  • Tips for students on how to approach different types of writing
  • Extension tasks to stretch the most able students
  • Practice examination-style paper
  • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations


Introduction • For the teacher • For the student

Chapter 1: The O Level Examination • Format and content of the examination • Key reading skills • Key writing skills • Standard English

Chapter 2: Factual Texts • Reading information and instructions • Facts and opinions • Types of informative writing • Writing to inform and explain • Tips for informative writing

Chapter 3: Non-Fiction: Descriptive Texts • Reading descriptive texts • Writing to describe • Tips for descriptive writing

Chapter 4: Argumentative Texts • Reading argumentative texts • Writing summaries • Bias and emotive language • Writing to argue and persuade • Tips for argumentative/persuasive writing

Chapter 5: Personal Writing • Reading personal writing • Writing a personal account • Tips for personal writing

Chapter 6: Media Texts • Reading media texts • Writing about media texts • Writing media texts • Tips for writing reports and reviews

Chapter 7: Fiction: Prose Narratives • Reading prose narratives • Writing narrative texts • Tips for narrative writing

Chapter 8: Applying Reading and Writing Skills • Directed Writing • Practice questions

Chapter 9: Preparing For The Examination • Exam preparation • Practice examination-style paper


About the Authors:

John Reynolds has written many successful student books and is an experienced examiner.

Patricia Acres is an experienced examiner for English.

Target Audience:

For Cambridge O level english students and teachers.

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