Title Advanced Marketing Management
Subtitle Principles, Skills and Tools
Author Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Neda Jovanovic Dimitriadis, Jillian Ney
ISBN 9780749480370
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“A must-read for marketing professionals who want to create innovative and disruptive marketing interventions. This book addresses new trends - neuroscience, predictive skills, innovation and adaptability skills - all in a single title.”

Dominic Fernandes, Vice President, Head of Business Marketing, Emirates NBD


“Change is something that modern businesses cannot escape, and more so marketing. This book offers a holistic approach to marketers, covering a wide range of topics, such as neuroscience, predictive analytics and creative problem solving. The authors argue convincingly for the need for a new marketer who will lead not only the marketing department but the company as a whole. Highly recommended.”

Max Hauser, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group, Russia and CIS


“Marketing is long overdue for disruption. In Advanced Marketing Management the authors brilliantly argue for the Why? and provide answers for the How? and What? The book is packed from cover to cover with an in-depth, insightful and cutting-edge array of tools to best equip aspiring disruptors with the knowledge for that much-needed overhaul.”

Anthony Tham, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Worldwide Shanghai


“This book is a boot camp for modern marketers in the post-Trump, post-Brexit, post-Cambridge Analytica world, where the challenge is to find the most impactful insights from an Everest of data. It underlines the fact that what our sector is lacking is better questions, not more answers.”

Adrian Cockle, Principal Consultant, Hootsuite


“A groundbreaking and innovative guide, full of contemporary marketing cases and examples for those who are passionate about marketing and want to extend their knowledge beyond the conventional marketing practices.”

Panayiota Alevizou, Lecturer in Marketing, Sheffield University Management School


“There has never been a more exciting time to be in marketing. The modern marketer now has even greater influence over tangible brand success, but it’s a position which is complex, ever-changing, and challenging. This book acknowledges the complex landscape we work in and provides clear and compelling thought and insight to dismiss the chaos and embrace the tremendous opportunity.”

Graham Forsyth, Director of Marketing, Spredfast


“The authors have their fingers on the pulse of marketing and the challenges marketers face today. Advanced Marketing Management is a terrific guide for students and practitioners of marketing that will help them become more transformational marketing leaders.”

Mick Doran, Head of Research, Planning and Brand, Sainsbury’s Bank, and Chair, The Marketing Society, Scotland


“If you are a curious learner and marketer who seeks to improve constantly, seek no more! The book in front of you explores relevant topics and skills in the new marketing era, while providing a fresh outlook on the 4Ps as tools with a core in empathy, experiential, ever-presence and engagement. Advanced Marketing Management is a must-have toolkit for modern marketers aspiring to become transformational leaders.”

Natasa Josic, Commercial Excellence Director, Coca-Cola HBC, Austria


“Scientifically grounded and backed up by contemporary real-life business examples, this is a CEO-must-read practical guide to how to avoid the Marketing Paradox, understand which half of marketing budget is being wasted and how to fix this. And the new Marketing Mix 4EPs concept is a phenomenally simple and powerful response to the many disruptions that every industry now faces.”

Mikhail Merkulov, CEO, Arricano Real Estate PLC


Marketing as a practice is facing unprecedented challenges: a changing media landscape, an increasingly complex customer journey, innovative technologies, start-ups which disrupt traditional channels and a new generation of tech-savvy clients. How should students and practitioners adapt to this shifting landscape and address the skills gap that many of today’s marketers face? Advanced Marketing Management prepares students for this new world of marketing. Since traditional marketing approaches fail to provide convincing solutions to modern business realities, a new approach is urgently needed if marketers are to regain trust within their organizations.

Using contemporary examples, business case studies and supporting pedagogy, Advanced Marketing Management will provide a critical exploration into the more advanced aspects of marketing management, including the gap that exists between formal marketing literature and real-world practice, discussion of multidisciplinary tools, and the crucial evolution of the ‘4Ps’. Summarizing a large body of literature and academic research on new developments, this book is the go-to guide for students, lecturers and practitioners, wanting to succeed as modern marketers.


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Chapter 1: The need for the new marketer • The marketing challenge • Chief marketing officers: more losing than winning? • The Marketing Paradox • The problem with the marketing profession • The 21st-century marketer • References

Chapter 2: Neuroscience skills: marketing and the human brain • The marketing challenge • The brain über alles • The methods • Results and controversy • Ethics and neuromarketing • References

Chapter 3: Predictive skills: marketing and data intelligence • The marketing challenge • The explosion of customer data • Data complexity • Word of warning: data to measure attention • Word of warning: the research fallacy? • Data analysis tools • Behavioural data analysis • Ethics in data • References

Chapter 4: Innovation skills: marketing and creative thinking • The marketing challenge • Innovation: everyone wants it but many resist it • Creative thinking model for advanced marketers • Behavioural hacks for creative problem solving • References

Chapter 5: Adaptability skills: marketing and decision making • The marketing challenge • The mental dichotomy for succeeding in chaos • Decisions, decisions, decisions • Rationality versus irrationality • It is a VUCA world out there • Ethics above all • References

Chapter 6: The 4EPs marketing mix, part 1: empathic product and experiential price • The marketing challenge • The empathic product • The experiential pricing • References

Chapter 7: The 4EPs marketing mix, part 2: ever-present place and engaging promotion • The ever-present place • The engaging promotion • References

Chapter 8: Reorganizing the marketing function • The marketing challenge • The new marketing structure • Hiring for the new marketing function • Key dilemmas in deciding the new marketing function • References

Chapter 9: Marketers: the new transformational leaders • Four steps to the new marketer • Marketing is collaboration • What comes next? • References



About the Authors:

Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis is an award-winning educator and consultant and the CEO of Trizma Neuro, a neuromarketing and neuroHR company. He is also Regional Director of The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, for the Western Balkans.

Dr. Neda Jovanovic Dimitriadis is an academic researcher and guest lecturer on brand strategy, consumer behaviour and marketing communications. She specializes in behavioural research in marketing, branding and media planning.

Dr Jillian Ney is a consultant and guest lecturer on social media intelligence in the UK and Europe. Her work has featured at global conferences and has been used by Fortune 500 companies.

Target Audience:

Useful for students and practitioners of marketing and will help them become more transformational marketing leaders.

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