Title Virtual Reality Marketing
Subtitle Using VR to Grow a Brand and Create Impact
Author Henry Stuart
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“A must-read primer for anyone trying to understand the sprawling world that is Virtual Reality Marketing, covering a whole range of other topics in the process.”

Anrick Bregman, Founder and Director at ANRK (New Realities VR?AR/MR), Director at UNIT 9 and Former Director at Guardian News & Media


“Full of insight from the frontline, honest expert opinions and noteworthy case studies, this is an accessible, well-structured and informative book. Read it and you’ll learn from one of the pioneers of VR marketing - a true authority in the field.”

Ashley Cowan, Co-Founder and CEO of VR City


“Anyone considering venturing into the world of VR and 360 Video, would be well advised to start right here.”

Simon Gosling, Futurist at Unruly and 2018 Winner of the Campaign Tech Awards as New Tech Pioneer of the Year


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then virtual reality (VR) is priceless. This new medium is booming - by 2025, the industry is expected to become bigger than TV. Virtual Reality Marketing is a comprehensive exploration of all things VR, providing readers with everything they need to know about the current VR landscape, and the unprecedented opportunity it offers brands to create unique emotional connections with consumers.

A truly comprehensive guide, Virtual Reality Marketing covers all aspects of the industry, including interactive and passive VR, 360 video, social VR marketing, and the role that influencers and bloggers are set to play in its development. It also looks to the future - exploring how VR is evolving and the changes it will undergo in the future. Virtual Reality Marketing is the only complete guide to VR marketing available, written by a recognized industry expert who has facilitated VR coverage for major international brands including Facebook, Audi, Google and Mercedes F1. Packed with fascinating case studies, tips and strategies, this text is the leading resource for any reader looking to incorporate VR in their own marketing campaigns.


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An introduction to virtual reality marketing • What is virtual reality? • A potted history of VR • A pioneer’s view • What is VR? • Where is VR going? • What is special about VR? • Presence in VR • Using this book • Notes

Chapter 1: Virtual reality – why do it? • Strategic benefits • Return on investment (ROI) • Other markets using VR • Conclusion • Notes

Chapter 2: Industry insights • Virtual reality industry health • Virtual reality in tourism • Virtual reality in entertainment and sport • The technologist’s view • Virtual reality in the automotive industry • Conclusions on the VR landscape

Chapter 3: Types of virtual reality marketing and how to choose them • Virtual reality headsets and platforms • Light mobile VR headsets (Google Cardboard) • Premium mobile VR headsets • PC VR headsets • Types of virtual reality • Implementing social virtual reality marketing • How to choose your approach • Notes

Chapter 4: Virtual reality production • Pre-production • Vision • The reality of production • Key performance indicators (KPIs) • Developing the creative • Statement of work (SOW) • Storyboarding for VR • 360 video production • Interactive VR production • Conclusions on VR production • Notes

Chapter 5: Virtual reality cameras • 3D cameras • GoPro Odyssey • Yi Halo • Kandao Obsidian • Johnny Five • Jaunt One • Mono cameras • Z-Cam S1 Pro • GoPro Fusion • Double camera set-ups • Single camera set-ups • Z-Cam S1 • Other VR rigs • Z-Cam V1 Pro • Facebook’s Surround 360 camera • Notes

Chapter 6: The future of VR • A futurist’s thoughts on VR – Rohan Silva • The route to mass adoption • Future marketing in VR • Conclusion • Notes

Appendix: Implementing your virtual reality production framework



About the Author:

Henry Stuart is founder and CEO of VISUALISE, one of the world’s premier virtual reality studios. He has provided VR coverage for major events including the Royal Wedding and London Olympics, and for brands such as Google, the Economist, Audi, Mercedes F1, FT, the BBC, O2, The Times, Adidas and Ray-Ban. He is a regular speaker at events and has been published in the Telegraph, the Independent, BBC Online, The Drum, the Guardian, FT and Forbes.

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A must-read primer for anyone trying to understand the sprawling world that is Virtual Reality Marketing, covering a whole range of other topics in the process.

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