Title Smarketing
Subtitle How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing
Author Tim Hughes, Adam Gray, Hugo Whicher
ISBN 9780749483586
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Publishing year 2018
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“That old, moss-covered wall between sales and marketing in the brick-and-mortar world has been showing its age for a long time now. Some of us shout about it, but Hughes, Whicher and Gray take action and provide some answers.”

Ted Rubin, CMO and Advisory Board Member at Photofy, MC and Host at Brand Innovators Summits, and Co-Founder of Prevailing Path


“An excellent understanding of how the world of sales and marketing work today and the changes that are continuing to occur. I definitely recommend it for any business person that wants to stay current.”

Robert Caruso, Partner at fondalo.com and Engage2Connect.com


“A must read for marketers, managers and business innovators ready to succeed in times of fast change and disruption.”

Jan Barbosa, Global Brand Ambassador at beBEE.com and 2016 Top 100 Onalytica Augmented Reality Influencer


“There’s never been a time when aligning sales and marketing has been more important. Smarketing not only explains why this is more important, it provides deep insights into how to create the alignment necessary for the success of sales and marketing and gaining a competitive advantage.”

Melonie Dodaro, Bestselling author of LinkedIn Unlocked and The LinkedIn Code


“A company brand is built on the promises it makes and the experiences it deliver. Align these two and you can build a GoldMine! Tim Hughes is a master of Social Selling and Social Business and his new book delivers how to implement these ideas company wide.”

Jon Ferrara CEO, Nimble Inc.


“It’s been recognized for a long time that sales and marketing functions need to be more aligned, but the idea of this has always been seen as a challenge. It’s great that Smarketing outlines a way for those organisations that want to achieve better collaboration and results.”

Tiffani Bova, author Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business


“There’s little doubt that the customer is at the centre of today’s business world. In a globally interconnected marketplace customers don’t distinguish marketing from sales or customer service. They expect to connect with you wherever they are and whenever they want without being shoved from pillar to post or having to repeat their story. Business needs to adjust structurally to this new reality.”

Dionne Law, The Social Executive, Principal consultant or CEO


“Truly aligning forces and collaborating is a key quality for organizations that want to survive and ideally shape their future for the ‘age of the customer’. Hughes has been a true thought and action leader in defining the blend of social selling over the last few years. Together with Whicher and Gray, this book redefines how sales and marketing need to be blended. A clear must read!”

Johannes Ceh, Keynote Speaker, Owner and Consultant at Strategic Management Consulting, #ValueEnhancer


“The way we buy is changing significantly and the sales and marketing world is struggling to keep up with it. Tim Hughes, Adam Gray and Hugo Whicher have put together the single most comprehensive guide on how you as a salesperson, marketer or business can leverage this change to your advantage. Not only a must-read book but a hugely valuable asset for everyone who buys it.”

Daniel Disney, Founder and CEO of The Daily Sales


Since the earliest days of ‘modern’ marketing and sales, the departments that ran these key functions have been separate empires. They have different leaders, different budgets, and different organizational structures. However, with the overwhelming impact of continuous disruption, many organizations have been left floundering, unsure of how to get traction in the market. The old rule book has been torn up and thrown away.

Smarketing is the first book that explores the shift that will become the future state operating model for companies seeking to remain competitive and relevant in this fast-changing digital world. It explains how and why companies should blend sales and marketing into one single, streamlined smarketing department. Sales people will become better marketers, and marketers better sales people, leading to bigger, better business growth all round.

With clearly defined implementation strategies that can be applied by any company, regardless of size or sector, Smarketing is an invaluable resource for any marketing or sales professional looking to drive growth and success in the new era of marketing.



About the authors


Chapter 1: Why marketing in its current form is dead • Let’s tell a story • Bigger and better = more sales • The trust has gone • Everyone is time poor • Ignorance (information/knowledge scarcity) • Wrong again! • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself • References

Chapter 2: Why sales in its current form is dead • What exactly is social media? • So what about sales? • Sales, the ‘good old days’ • The revolution in B2B buying • The 37 per cent rule • Selling vs empowering • The art of closing is dead • Is sales dead or just sick? • But has sales actually changed? • As buyers we are looking for people to help us to buy • Buyer empowerment • The ultimate sales strategy? • Conclusion: be the light – you are what you post • Questions to ask yourself • References

Chapter 3: So where are customers today? • The birth of marketing • How marketing lost control • The marketer’s nightmare • The future is … mobile • How buyer behaviour has changed • The buyer owns the buying process, not the seller • The rise of the gatekeeper • Buyer empowerment • How does a modern marketer/salesperson sell? • One-to-one marketing • How to not alienate the buyer • ‘Equal to equal’ selling • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself • References

Chapter 4: Sales and marketing departments of the future • Why do we need to change? • Our future is Smarketing • How do we merge sales and marketing? • Smarketing is the merger of sales and marketing • Customer journey challenge • Companies vary: sales-led – marketing-led – product-led • Final thoughts on the CSO role • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself • Reference

Chapter 5: Preparing for Smarketing in your company • The first pillar – strategy • The challenge pillar – people • The velocity pillar – process • The recognition pillar – stakeholders • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself

Chapter 6: How do you implement a Smarketing transformation? • Introduction • The implementation • Step 1 – Gather the team • Step 2 – Understand the organization • Step 3 – What to change • Step 4 – The dynamic operating model • Step 5 – Sponsorship and buy-in • Step 6 – Prove • Step 7 – Compensate • Step 8 – Start and extend • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself

Chapter 7: Challenges of Smarketing and how to overcome them • Feeling the pain • Buy-in to the concept • Power bases • Short-term vs long-term thinking • Organizational inertia • Where might resistance be? • Are you ready for this? • Questions to ask yourself • Reference

Chapter 8: Measurement, reporting and governance • Introduction • Smarketing is driven by measurement • Evolved reporting and measurement • More than just the numbers • Changing the view • Account engagement score (AES) • The challenge of measurement, reporting and governance • People-powered reporting, measurement and governance • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself

Chapter 9: Practical tools to support your Smarketing programme • Introduction • But when and how do we start? • Does the phone ring more? • A fool with a tool • The chasm between sales and marketing • Sales enablement • Suite vs kit • Bringing HR into the project • Departmental service-level agreement (SLA) • So what tools do you need? • Analysis/paralysis • What to do when things go wrong • How do we maintain open communication? • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself • References

Chapter 10: Account based marketing – a new way to organize sales • The more leads the better? • What is account-based marketing? • ABM implementation model • Understanding stakeholders in an ABM account • Conclusion • Questions to ask yourself • References

Chapter 11: Conclusion • The case for change • Mind the gap between sales and marketing • The future of sales and marketing • The future of AI? • How do we visualize the future of social media? • The changing face of interruption marketing and advertising • Should marketing and HR merge? • Blockchain • Sales commission • To sum up • Questions to ask yourself • References


About the Authors:

Tim Hughes is a social selling innovator and pioneer, listed by Onalytica as the number one most influential person globally for social selling. Tim Hughes was involved in rolling out one of the most advanced social selling programs in Western Europe across 4000 people. He is CEO and one of the founders of Digital Leadership Associates the social media consultancy.

Adam Gray has spent over a decade specializing in social media marketing, he wrote the first globally published book on social media for business and was formerly the Head of Client Social Media (EMEA) for a multi-billion dollar software company. He is one of the founders of Digital Leadership Associates the social management consultancy.

Hugo Whicher is the Marketing Director at Oracle, where he provides social selling and account-based marketing across a ‘virtually’ merged sales and marketing team.

Target Audience:

A must read for marketers, managers and business innovators ready to succeed in times of fast change and disruption.

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