Title Retail and Digital Banking
Subtitle Principles and Practice (Chartered Banker)
Author John Henderson
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“There are many books about digital banking but very few from the perspective of the banks themselves. Talk of the collapse of banks due to digital innovation is massively overhyped as banks (unlike many fintechs) have the customers and funding to shape suitable strategic responses. Every bank across the world is taking up the digital challenge and this book is essential to those struggling to understand the subject as well as those in the position to shape strategic responses.”

Brian Brodie, Chief Executive Officer, Freedom Finance


Retail and Digital Banking is a well written and comprehensive reflection on the history and evolution of an ever changing and agile industry that is and always has been faced with challenge and a constant need to adapt. It provides a perspective which helps to position what has led to some of the more recent drivers to changes we are seeing now and sets expectations that once we have successfully navigated the current set of curves in the road, as surely we will, then there will likely be more to follow.”

David Bowerman, Former Vice-Chairman, Citizens Bank


“This book takes you on a journey which is both thought provoking and challenges many of the misconceptions about change in banking. It is a must read for practitioners and highly recommended for everyone wishing an understanding of the retail banking sector and its role in the economy.”

Malcolm Pettigrew, Senior Lecturer & Subject Group Leader, Financial Services, The Business School Edinburgh Napier University


“This book is a comprehensive and readable summary of Retail & Digital Banking in the UK. The structure of each Chapter guides the reader towards an understanding of the dramatic history and changes in the sector and benefits from being infused with reflections and learnings from the most recent financial crisis. All concepts are clearly articulated and underpinned with useful summaries, exercises and pointers to further reading. The author tackles many of the recent sector failings in a forthright manner and anyone too young to have lived through the events since 2008 will glean much insight from reading the text.”

John Needham, Former President of Chartered Banker Institute 2013 - 2015


Endorsed by the Chartered Banker Institute as core reading for the Personal and Private Banking module, Retail and Digital Banking looks at the changes that have occurred, including developments in onshore and offshore operations, call centres and the impact of technology and other critical factors in retail and digital banking. This book considers the evolution of retail banking services and the major role that technology has played in providing quality, cost-effective services to consumers. This fascinating text then goes on to offer expert thought leadership on the future of retail banking and what this could mean for existing established banks and disruptive new entrants.

Retail and Digital Banking offers readers the opportunity to take a step back and consider the evolution of the sector in which they work and the tremendous level of change that has occurred over time for all operational activity. Retail and Digital Banking provides support for the Personal and Private Banking module assessment and features practical case studies from the banking sector. This essential text brings the journey of modern banking to life and considers what the future holds. Online supporting resources include a glossary and updates to regulation.


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Chapter 1: The birth and development of retail banking • Introduction • The last 3,000 years… • The last 300 years… • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 2: The growth of retail banking and its place in the economy • Introduction • The role of credit unions • The role of building societies • The role of savings banks • The role of retail banks • The evolution of modern-day retail banks in the 21st century • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 3: Problems and opportunities caused by financial crises • Introduction • What is a financial crisis? • The role of a central bank • When will the next financial crisis happen? • Financial crisis of 2008 • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 4: Preparing for external trends and influences to deliver high-quality income and cost-effective services • Introduction • The challenge that retail banks face: cost-to-income dichotomy • Retail banking strategies for managing operational cost • Retail banking strategies for managing income • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 5: Disruption in the market • Introduction • Supermarket banks • New challenger brand banks • Fintechs • Non-traditional substitute banks • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 6: Distribution of retail banking services via a range of customer channels • Introduction • Branches • ATM • Call centres • Online digital banking • Mobile • Bots • Video conferencing • Robo-advisers • Consistency of service provided in a multi-channel retail bank • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References

Chapter 7: Multi-channel versus omni-channel • Introduction • Multi-channel • Omni-channel • Operational strategies for multi-channel versus omni-channel • Costs of multi-channel and omni-channel banking • Benefits of omni-channel banking • Governance of multi-channel and omni-channel propositions • Transitioning from multi-channel to omni-channel • Omni-channel – the US perspective • Limitations of omni-channel • Chapter summary • Objective check • References

Chapter 8: The role of technology in the evolution of retail banking • Introduction • The rise of technology in retail banking • The drivers of technological change • Who benefits and who loses from technological change? • Is all technological change positive? • What banking can learn from other sectors • Other external environmental factors • Chapter summary • Objective check • References

Chapter 9: The impact of legislation and regulation on retail banking operations • Introduction • The difference between legislation and regulation • Costs of regulation and legislation • Benefits of regulation and legislation • The development of regulation and legislation for banking • Impact of regulation on retail banks • Chapter summary • Objective check • Further reading • References



About the Author:

John Henderson has over 30 years’ experience in the banking sector, having held a number of roles for the Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest. He began his career working in retail branches but has also been Regional Training Manager, headed up the Treasury Department and other operational risk services, managed quality for an operational call centre business and also led branch design and distribution. His current role is with the RBS Group, where he manages the offshoring portfolio. The author is a Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute.

Target Audience:

It is a must read for practitioners and highly recommended for everyone wishing an understanding of the retail banking sector and its role in the economy.

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