Title Humanity Works
Subtitle Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future
Author Alexandra Levit
ISBN 9780749483456
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Humanity Works reminds leaders that the future doesn’t happen to us; we can create it. And, with this book as our guide, we can build the future smartly, thoughtfully, and effectively.”

Douglas Conant, Founder and CEO, ConantLeadership, Former CEO, Campbell Soup Company


Humanity Works takes you on a journey from past to present to future in a way that’s both inspiring and educating. Let Alexandra Levit help prepare you for the future of work, prevent your job from being automated and help you grow your company. Humanity Works reminds us that despite the rise of new technologies, it’s our basic humanity that will keep us employed and fulfilled long term.”

Dan Schawbel, Partner & Research Director, Future Workplace


“As a baby boomer leader, I am always looking for new strategies to ensure my company’s competitiveness and profitability in a business world that’s constantly changing. Alexandra Levit’s Humanity Works is an essential guide for understanding the critical role human talent will play in the age of smart machines and evolving workplace norms.”

Karyn Schoenbart, CEO, The NPD Group and Author, Mom.B.A.


“In our work with entrepreneurs, we’ve observed that the most successful leaders don’t just react to current trends. They see them coming and take proactive steps to adapt their businesses and their mindsets. Alexandra Levit’s Humanity Works should be in the hands of every person who wants to stay several steps ahead in the workplace of the future.”

Scott Gerber, CEO, Young Entrepreneur Council


“For too long, management practices have been stuck in a twentieth-century model where workers largely report to an office every day and stay with one company for decades. But businesses no longer operate this way, and leadership needs to catch up with twenty-first-century realities and prepare for the rapidly changing nature of when, where, and how work gets done. In Humanity Works, Alexandra Levit does a phenomenal job of combining future-of-work theory, research, and real-world examples to provide managers and leaders with the information and tools they need to prepare successful twenty-first-century teams.”

Sara Sutton Fell, Founder & CEO, FlexJobs, Remote.co & 1 Million for Work Flexibility


The professional landscape is transforming, and the only way to maintain competitive advantage is to maximize the unique skills of your workforce. In Humanity Works, bestselling author, global workplace consultant and futurist Alexandra Levit provides a guide to making the most of the human traits of creativity, judgement, problem solving and interpersonal sensitivity. Revealing what the ‘robot takeover’ will really look like, how talent and machines can work side by side and how you can make organizational structures more agile and innovation focused, this book will prepare you to lead organizations of the future.

Humanity Works doesn’t just explain the fascinating trends of the future of work; it condenses cutting-edge academic and business thinking to show what you can do about the future right now. Original, real-life case studies including Nestle, The Washington Post, Deloitte, and Pepsi combined with exercises and workplace tools will equip you for staying innovative and successful in the wake of major workplace disruption. Everything hinges on capturing the human edge in your organization.





Chapter 1: This Isn’t Your Parents’ Workforce • Falling fertility rates impact population • Millennials take over the workforce • The non-retirement of boomers • Labour shortages and skills mismatches • Harnessing global talent pools • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 2: Technology Advances and the Next Chapter of Industry • The rise of Industry 4.0 • Big Data grows even bigger • Bots are the new everyone • How deep will machines go? • Integrating machines with faces and feelings • Cyborgs: When machines aren’t the others • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 3: Humans as Prized Commodities • Evolution of the human professional • Human competency: Leadership and teaming • Human competency: Creativity and innovation • Human competency: Judgement • Human competency: Intuition • Human competency: Interpersonal sensitivity • Knowledge is not a virtue: Changing the way your team learns • The bias trap: Overcoming the human Achilles heel • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 4: Evolving Work Structures • The growing co-working movement • Flexwork as the norm • Virtual teams and the swarm • Collaboration via augmented reality, virtual reality and telepresence • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 5: Mechanics of Tomorrow’s Gig Economy • The growth of the contract workforce • Your contract worker mix: The pros and cons • Creating a financial case for contract workers • Maximizing contract worker engagement • Preparing your team for future contract work • When contract work doesn’t work: Is universal basic income a solution? • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 6: Choose Your Own Adventure: Career Customization • Tours of duty and employee transitions • Building cross-functional expertise • Employee wearables fuel role customization • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 7: The Future Of Workplace Culture And Experience • Organizational culture 2030 • Implementing cultural shifts • Who owns the employee experience? It’s a team effort • Design thinking: The building blocks of experience • Transforming the performance experience • Bottoms up: OKRs are the goals of the future • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 8: So Long, Textbook CEO • Millennials’ professional development • Generation Z arrives • Goodbye command-and-control, hello transformational leadership • The 21st-century female leader • Action plan • Chapter summary

Chapter 9: The Organizational Puzzle • Branding • Reputation management • Corporate ethics • Intellectual property • Digital transformation and disruption • Hiring and employee rights • Global expansion • Action plan • Chapter summary



About the Author:

Alexandra Levit is an internationally recognized thought leader, futurist and consultant. She conducts primary workplace research on behalf of Fortune 500 companies including American Express, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Whirlpool and, previously, the Obama administration. A columnist for the New York Times and Forbes, she also has been named ‘Top Entrepreneur to Follow on Twitter’ by Forbes, ‘Top Career Expert to Follow on Twitter’ by Mashable and ‘Top Business Expert to Follow on Twitter’ by CEOWorld.

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