Title Assessment Centre Success
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Author Tony Weightman
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“At last a practical and insightful guide to making the most of your opportunity at an assessment centre - a must-read.”

Sue Ormerod, Regional Director, Nigel Wright Recruitment


“I have seen Tony Weightman use many of these techniques and tips with the MBA students I teach and with other groups. These ideas are not only useful in the development of the students’ careers but also help them in gaining valuable jobs. This book offers ideas and techniques that are easy to follow and implement.”

Richard Da Costa, MBA Tutor, Newcastle University


“Tony Weightman will always be my first choice for any HR-related topics, so I am delighted that he has chosen to give advice on how to secure that job you have always dreamed about. Every time I have worked with him, he has delivered and shared his huge experience with good practical examples from the real world - you understand immediately what he is trying to convey. This book is a must on your journey to securing your dream job.”

Carsten Staehr, CEO, Cintra


“Weightman Associates are for many HR professionals and business leaders the go-to company to partner with in order to ensure bespoke measurable development of employees, line managers and future leaders. With Assessment Centre Success, Tony Weightman has delivered an essential guide that offers practical tips and techniques for achieving success, and that should be in any candidate’s toolkit. The book equips the reader with skills and knowledge that will set them apart in the competitive marketplace, so they stand out to employers looking for first-class talent through an assessment centre.”

Gill Usher, HR Manager, Rocket Medical


“In this book Tony Weightman has distilled many years of experience into an easy-to-read guide that is an essential for anyone preparing for an assessment centre.”

Catherine Attwell FCIPD, HR Director


Assessment Centre Success is your road map to mastering the skills, exercises and challenges that you’ll be faced with when trying to secure that prized job offer. An Assessment Centre can be daunting: you are likely to face a full day of challenging exercises, tests and skilled competitors. However, with the right level of practice and preparation, you will be able to confidently tackle whatever employers may throw at you.

Written by experienced Assessment Centre planner, Tony Weightman, Assessment Centre Success contains a bank of practice exercises and insider tips to help you succeed. Individual exercises are covered, including how to deliver good presentations, reports, interviews and analysis under pressure as well as group exercises such as problem solving and team presentations. Expert guidance on how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for helps you understand how to show yourself in the best possible light under challenging circumstances: including leadership, team work, industry knowledge, keeping calm under pressure, decision making, analytical skills, confidence and communication skills.


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Chapter 1: What is an assessment centre? • What is it? • Why are they used? • What does this mean for me? • Reference

Chapter 2: What employers are looking for • Review the job description • Identifying competencies • Identify and develop exercises • What happens next? • Assessment centre

Chapter 3: How will it work? • Invitation • Start • Exercises • Interviews • Results • Feedback • Practice makes perfect

Chapter 4: How to prepare for an assessment centre • Invitation • Arrival/geography • Practice • Advice • Exercises set to be completed before the event

Chapter 5: Individual exercises: communication • Getting the brief • Written report • Formal presentation • Combined brief • Feedback to other candidates

Chapter 6: Individual exercises: analysis • The in-tray priority exercise • Business case study • Self-evaluation • Role-play exercises

Chapter 7: Group exercises • The OPPOSE model • Group discussions • Problem-solving activities • Spanning structures • Problem-solving theoretical exercises • Follow-up exercises

Chapter 8: Psychometric tests • Personality/working preference profile • Aptitude tests • Skills tests • Only one part of the process • References

Chapter 9: The interview • How the employer prepares • How to prepare for the questions • Answering questions • Asking questions • The interview process

Chapter 10: Dealing with difficulties and how to perform on the day • Polite and positive • Arrival • Exercises • Difficulties • At the end

Chapter 11: Gaining feedback after the event • Preparation • The feedback • The end


Appendix 1: Model answer for identifying skills from a job description

Appendix 2: Model answer for written report 1

Appendix 3: Model answer for written report 2

Appendix 4: Presentation planning template

Appendix 5: Example of presentation feedback using POOSA

Appendix 6: Model answer for in-tray prioritization exercise


About the Author:

Tony Weightman has over 30 years’ experience as an HR consultant for major organizations including GSK, Nestle, Virgin Atlantic and Transport for London. He has developed and run assessment centres for some of the UK’s largest organizations across several industries including food, engineering, hospitality and the charity sector, as well as for MBA candidate development.

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