Title Event Planning and Management, 2/e
Subtitle Principles, Planning and Practice
Author Ruth Dowson, David Bassett
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About the book

“This book is truer to the real world of event planning and management than any I used while studying or that I’ve come across in over 20 years of running events.”

Mark Breen, Director, Cuckoo Events and Safe Events


Event Planning and Management is an essential insight into the life of event managers, perfect for students undertaking studies in events management. Each chapter offers clearly defined examples and application of theory to practice through a plethora of case studies. The book takes you on a journey from pre-event, during and post-event to future-proofing the event. It is highly recommended.”

James Musgrave, Head of Subject, UK Centre for Events Management


“The second edition of Event Planning and Management is a must-read for anyone planning to enter or explore the wonderfully unpredictable, but equally unforgiving, world of event design, development and delivery. This insight-filled book contains 40 new or significantly updated peer-reviewed case studies, with the welcome addition of new and updated chapters, including one dedicated solely to on-site safety and logistics.”

Richard Keith Wright, Senior Lecturer in Innovative Planning and Advanced Sports Event Management, Auckland University of Technology


Event Planning and Management, second edition, is an ideal resource for those seeking a step by step formula to plan and deliver a successful event. With the vital balance of professional experience behind them, the authors teach the next generation of event planners with unrivalled knowledge, ensuring an effective event process from start to finish. This book delivers practical understanding of the theory and practice needed to activate each stage of planning, from initial venue selection, budgeting and programme content, to managing stakeholders and sponsors, promotion, risk assessment, safety and post-event evaluation.

Fully revised, the second edition of Event Planning and Management expands on managing events on the day, and explores the PR and experiential marketing boom for live brand experiences. Including updated real-world case studies from around the globe, it also features an invaluable toolkit of templates, planning checklists and budget sheets. Accompanied by a host of downloadable resources, this book is the ideal end to end resource for both event planning modules and certifications, plus busy marketing and PR professionals facing the new wave of live brand and customer experiences.


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Chapter 1: Introduction to events • Defining an event • Classifications and categories of events • Case study 1.1: Glastonbury Festival: A hallmark event • Size and structure of the industry • Case study 1.2: The World’s Favourite Run • Relationships with other industry sectors • Case Study box 1.3: Bilbao – 20 years on from the Guggenheim • Case Study 1.4: Mountain Dew Day of Dares 2015

Chapter 2: Putting event planning into motion • Event planning process • Phase 1: Preparation • Case study 2.1: Clear Partners – creating experiences that money can’t buy! • Case study 2.2: Leveraging of Legacy: The World Veteran Table Tennis Championships 2014 • Phase 2: Detailed planning • Planning the programme • Phase 3: Post-event • Case study 2.3: Working together to develop a bespoke event planning model

Chapter 3: Location, location, location! Destination and venue selection for events • Selecting the destination • Case study 3.1: Malta as a destination for events: Mediterranean flair with European efficiency • Venue selection process • Case study 3.2: An unusual venue – Life Centre Events, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK • Case study 3.3: Considerations of venue-finding when working with a pharmaceutical client • Case study 3.4: Pineapple Events: how do venue search agencies support you? • Case study 3.5: Site visit planning for BBC Radio 2’S All Star Party, O2 APOLLO MANCHESTER, 30 SEPTEMBER 2017

Chapter 4: Developing your events programme and content • Event programme options • Case study 4.1: Creating engaging content for attendees • Case study 4.2: Lineup Ninja: a content coordination and curation tool • Considerations • Objectives – going deeper? • Case study 4.3: Dine • Case study 4.4: Hidden Harewood: a magical mystery foodie tour • Complex event delivery • Event content

Chapter 5: Understanding site planning essentials for events • Planning the site layout • Stage 1: Space and resource requirements • Case study 5.1: Yorkshire Event Centre: like a venue but better • Case study 5.2: The Honourable Artillery Company: an exceptionally versatile London City venue • Stage 2: Design the site layout • Stage 3: Produce a map of the site

Chapter 6: Site safety and logistics • Event and public safety • Case study 6.1: Ashgabat 2017: the challenge of planning and delivering a major sporting event in less than 500 days • Risk assessment • Case study 6.2: Wild Lights 2017: keeping visitors safe at the zoo • Logistics planning for events • Pre-event • Case study 6.3: Olympia London : ‘build-up’ for the London International Horse Show • During the event • Post-event • Case study 6.4: Gold medal for fast-turnaround at London 2012 • A final word on safety…

Chapter 7: How to build and develop an events team • Complex people concerns in events • Developing an operational events team • Case study 7.1: People at the core of the events team • Case study 7.2: Equality and diversity: UK music festivals • Case study 7.3: Building teams in the third sector • Case study 7.4: Managing volunteers at Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford, UK

Chapter 8: Drawing in the crowds - promotion and publicity for events • Developing a promotional plan • Identify and appeal to your target audience • Choosing influential message sources • Case study 8.1: Nothing sells like celebrity • Promotional tools • Case study 8.2: Fire walking at London Zoo • Case study 8.3: Social media helps get the word out about the Conference and Hospitality Show • Social media for event promotion

Chapter 9: Budgeting, finances and procurement for events management • Outsource or in-house? • Budgeting • Case study box 9.1: Fundraising on a shoestring: Changing Places • Case study 9.2: Standon Calling, the cashless festival • Case study 9.3: Oxjam • Case study 9.4: Bambino Show: financial considerations when setting up a small business • Purchasing and procurement

Chapter 10: A practical guide to managing an event on the day • Your responsibilities as an on-site event manager • Case study 10.1: The Constitutional Cases Conference: the leading constitutional law conference in Canada • Before the event • Case study 10.2: Traffic Control: the opening ceremony of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games • During the event • Case study 10.3: Night watchmen for V Festival

Chapter 11: Measuring success – post-event evaluation and insights • The purpose of evaluation • Developing an evaluation plan • Case study 11.1: The role of gamification and technology in team building • Case study 11.2: Evaluating business events • Online event management software • Evaluation issues • Case study 11.3: Post-event evaluation: why it is important and how to do it • Impacts and legacies of events • Case study 11.4: Longitudinal social impact evaluation: the London Prudential Ride – legacy event and promotion of cycling

Chapter 12: Future-proofing your events • Creating bespoke events • Trend-spotting


About the Authors:

Ruth Dowson has more than 30 years of experience in strategic development, management and delivery of events, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, in both the public and private sectors. She is a senior lecturer in events management at the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University.

David Bassett is an experienced event organizer and educator in events management, leisure, sport and tourism. He is former senior lecturer at the UK Centre for Events Management and now provides training to industry professionals. He is also a leadership development consultant for Leeds Business School, UK.

Target Audience:

A must read for students undertaking studies in events management.

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