Title Your Health at Work
Subtitle An Indispensable Guide to Physical and Mental Wellbeing
Author Trades Union Congress (TUC)
ISBN 9780749481506
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No of pages 280
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Publishing year 2019
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Your Health at Work is your fully researched and up-to-date guide to the most common health risks at work in the UK and how you can tackle them. The TUC expertly explains your legal rights, how to avoid injury and illness and what support is available to you.

Covering the full range of industries, Your Health at Work provides guidance for everyone. Both physical health (e.g. aches and strains, hazardous substances, accidents) and mental health (anxiety, depression, bullying) are comprehensively discussed to provide you with reliable help and advice on the full range of potential health problems at work. The stories of real workers who have encountered health issues at work are included to make sure that this book is fully representative of real life and gives practical, and sometimes inspirational, insights to support you and your health every day at work.



Chapter 1: Safeguarding mental health • The law • Access to work • Remploy • The core mental health standards • What to do • Wellness Action Plans • Helping yourself • Notes

Chapter 2: Tackling stress • A simple approach to stress at work • The six standards • Relaunching and refreshing the standards • Is there a problem at your workplace? • Stress indicators and ill-health conditions • What you can do • Notes

Chapter 3: Bullying at the workplace and beyond • Bullying environments • What can you do? • Confronting your bully • Formal procedures • Cyber bullying • Legal redress • Notes

Chapter 4: Suicide • Suicide is a workplace issue • Some background • The causes • Creating healthier workplaces • Warning signs • Notes

Chapter 5: Occupational cancers and hazardous and dangerous substances • Cancer: some definitions • Occupational cancer: the scale of the problem • What causes occupational cancers? • Who is most at risk? • Preventing occupational cancers • Notes

Chapter 6: Musculoskeletal disorders • Millions like us • What are musculoskeletal disorders? • What causes MSDs at work? • Preventing MSDs at work • Reducing your risk • Treating MSDs – and return to work • Notes

Chapter 7: Disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments • Tackling discrimination • Applying for a job • Reasonable adjustments • Mental health adjustments • Remedies • Access to work • Notes

Chapter 8: An ageing workforce • Work, age and health • Am I old? • Busting myths and challenging stereotypes • An ageing population and ageing workforce • Health and older workers • Creating age-friendly workplaces • Notes

Chapter 9: Working time • Your working time entitlements • Drivers’ hours • Notes

Chapter 10: Night and shift work • The 24/7 society • Circadian rhythms and body clocks • Health and the body clock • Shift work and health • Healthier shift work • What can I do to improve my health and wellbeing? • What should my employer be doing? • Notes

Chapter 11: Physical wellbeing and health initiatives • Other resources • Notes

Chapter 12: Access to occupational health advice • Visiting your GP • OH specialists • Occupational health services • Fit for Work service • Employee Assistance Programmes • Persuading your employer • Notes

Chapter 13: New ways of working • New work • The modern economy • Why poor quality work is bad for your health • Long hours, lone working and stress • Healthier work? • Notes

Chapter 14: Young or inexperienced workers and apprentices • The legal protections • What to do? • Apprentices • Training providers • Notes

Chapter 15: Accommodating specific conditions • About migraine • Why migraine is a workplace issue • About epilepsy • Cancer is a workplace issue • About diabetes • Notes

Chapter 16: Migrant workers • Why you may be at particular risk • Help in different languages • What should you do? • Make sure you understand • Things to know • Gangmasters and labour abuse authority • Notes

Chapter 17: Violence and abuse • One in ten • Which jobs are most at risk? • What can you do? • The four Ws • Ask yourself • Meeting strategies • If you have suffered violence • Notes

Chapter 18: Gender and transgender issues • Gender and health at work • Transgender health at work • Pregnancy • Menopause • Notes 236

Chapter 19: Realizing your rights • The general duties • The risk assessment • Protect and survive • Solving a health and safety problem • Join a union • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit • What will you receive? • Personal injury claims • Not a union member? • Notes


About the Author:

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) exists to make the working world a better place for everyone. They bring together more than 5.5 million working people who make up their 48 member unions. The TUC support unions to grow and thrive, and they stand up for everyone who works for a living.

Target Audience:

Useful for HR Professional and Managers.

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