Title Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills
Subtitle Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Author Angus Grogono, Colin Hart
ISBN 9781510421899
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Publishing year 2018
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This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Improve problem solving and critical thinking skills for studies and life beyond the classroom, while ensuring full coverage of the Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills syllabus (9694).

  • Focus on creative problem-solving with a clear model demonstrating how to assess the problem, choose and implement the appropriate strategy and give the answer.
  • Improve your critical thinking skills through a meticulous and rigorous approach to analysing, evaluating and constructing arguments and forming well-reasoned judgments
  • Prepare for further study and life beyond the classroom with advice and guidance from experienced authors.
  • Consolidate learning with a range of problems, exercises and examination-style questions.




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Chapter 1: Interpreting the problem • Owning the problem • Modelling the problem • Presentation of information


Chapter 2: Tackling the problem (I) • ‘2358’ • Diagramming • Systematic listing • Trial and error


Chapter 3: Tackling the problem (II) • Function machines and algebra • Sequence generation • Particular solutions • Venn diagrams


Chapter 4: Answering the problem • Misinterpreting the question • Choosing and evaluating strategies • Unforced errors • Ways to check your answer


Chapter 5: Processing skills and problem solving • Proportional reasoning • Compound units • Finding averages • Finding lengths, areas and volumes • Rounding • Parsing relationships algebraically • Finding the nth term of a sequence • Bases and binary



Chapter 6: Evaluating evidence • Credibility: reliability • Credibility: plausibility • Credibility: corroboration and consistency • Representativeness • Presentation of data • Applying the skills of evaluating evidence


Chapter 7: Using evidence • Explanations • Inferences • Applying the skills of evaluating and using evidence


Chapter 8: Analysing reasoning • Arguments • Conclusions • Other argument elements • Unstated assumptions • Applying the skills of analysing reasoning


Chapter 9: Evaluating reasoning • Logical fallacies • Flaws in reasoning • The use of appeals • Weaknesses in reasoning • Applying the skills of evaluating reasoning


Chapter 10: Creating arguments • Supporting a conclusion • Strands of reasoning • Using additional argument elements • Considering counter-positions • Applying the skills of creating arguments


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Target Audience:

This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills syllabus (9694).

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