Title Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide, 2/e
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Reinforce and practise skills learned to help you achieve your maximum potential.

  • Avoid mistakes and common misconceptions with step-by-step support, advice and clarification of key points from an expert author.
  • Build knowledge of key theories and studies with research summaries and evaluation notes.
  • Test and consolidate your knowledge with exam-style questions and answers.
  • Have confidence in your study with end-of-topic questions and answers to enable you to tick off each subject as you complete it, and a revision planner to help pace study.


Chapter 1: The core studies • 11 key components of core studies • The Biological approach • Canli et al. (2000) Brain scans and emotions • Dement and Kleitman (1957) Sleep and dreams • Schachter and Singer (1962) Two factors in emotion • The cognitive approach • Andrade (2009) Doodling • Baron-Cohen et al. (2001) Eyes test • Laney et al. (2008) False memory • The learning approach • Bandura et al. (1961) Aggression • Saavedra and Silverman (2002) Button phobia • Pepperberg (1987) Parrot learning • The social approach • Milgram (1963) Obedience • Pilavin et al. (1969) Subway Samaritans • Yamamoto et al. (2012) Chimpanzee helping


Chapter 2: Research methods • The five main research methods • Experiments • Self-reports • Case studies • Observations • Correlations • Methodological aspects of the research process • Hypotheses and aims • Samples and sampling techniques • Ethics (human and animal) • Types of data (quantitative and qualitative) • Data analysis (measures of central tendency and spread) • Reliability (inter-rater and test/re-test) • Validity (ecological, generalisability, subjective and objective)


Chapter 3: Approaches and issues and debates • Approaches • The biological approach • The cognitive approach • The learning approach • The social approach • Issues and debates • The application of psychology to everyday life • Individual and situational explanations • Nature versus nurture • The use of children in psychological research • The use of animals in psychological research


Chapter 4: AS examination guidance/questions and answers


Chapter 5: Specialist options • Methods, issues and debates • Cultural bias • Reductionism • Psychometrics • Determinism (and free will) • Longitudinal studies • Psychology and abnormality • Schizophrenic and psychotic disorders • Bipolar and related disorders • Impulse control and non-addictive substance disorders • Anxiety disorders • Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders • Psychology and consumer behaviour • The physical environment • The psychological environment • Consumer decision-making • The product • Advertising • Psychology and health • The patient-practitioner relationship • Adherence to medical advice • Pain • Stress • Health promotion • Psychology and organisations • Motivation to work • Leadership and management • Group behaviour in organisations • Organisational work conditions • Satisfaction at work


Chapter 6: A Level examination guidance/questions and answers

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This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology syllabus.

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