Title Counseling Theory and Practice, 2/e
Author Edward Neukrug
ISBN 9781516506309
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Developed for helping professionals, Counseling Theory and Practice explains what it means to be an effective helper, discusses foundations of classic counseling and psychotherapy theories, provides an overview of emerging theories, and gives students the opportunity to develop their own approaches to counseling and psychotherapy practice.

The book is organized into four primary sections, each addressing theoretical schools. Section 1 explores psychodynamic approaches, including psychoanalysis, Jungian therapy, and Adlerian therapy.
Section 2 is devoted to existential-humanistic approaches such as existential therapy, Gestalt therapy, and person-centered counseling, while Section 3 discusses cognitive-behavioral approaches, including behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, rational-emotive behavior therapy, and reality therapy.
Section 4 describes post-modern therapies and examines the relatively new approaches of narrative therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and relational cultural therapy, a form of feminist therapy. The final chapter explores a number of more recent and emerging theories.

In addition to foundational information, Counseling Theory and Practice features fact sheets, illustrative vignettes, experiential exercises, an electronic survey that helps students examine their view of human nature, and a complementary website that introduces readers to great therapists of the 20th Century. Additionally, a DVD is provided to demonstrate each of the major theories of the book and help students see how the approaches are enacted. Informative and engaging, Counseling Theory and Practice is well-suited to courses for both pre-service professionals and those already in the field.



Chapter 1: Becoming an Effective Counselor and Psychotherapist: An Introduction to the Text

Section I: Psychodynamic Approaches

Chapter 2: Psychoanalysis

Chapter 3: Analytical Therapy (Jungian Therapy)

Chapter 4: Individual Psychology (Adlerian Therapy)

Section II: Existential Humanistic Approaches

Chapter 5: Existential Therapy

Chapter 6: Gestalt Therapy

Chapter 7: Person-Centered Counseling

Section III: Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches

Chapter 8: Behavior Therapy

Chapter 9: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Chapter 10: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Chapter 11: Reality Therapy

Section IV: Post-Modern Approaches

Chapter 12: Narrative Therapy

Chapter 13: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Chapter 14: Relational-Cultural Therapy (Feminist Therapy)

Section V: Adaptations, Spinoffs, and New Directions

Chapter 15: Adaptations, Spinoffs, and New Directions of Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy



About the Author:

Edward Neukrug earned his doctorate in counselor education at the University of Cincinnati and is a professor of counseling at Old Dominion University. A licensed professional counselor and licensed psychologist, he has experience in outpatient therapy, crisis counseling, substance abuse counseling, private practice, and as a school counselor. Dr. Neukrug has written numerous articles and is the author of eight books, including Counseling Theory and Practice; A Brief Orientation to Counseling; The World of the Counselor; Theory, Practice, and Trends in Human Services: An Introduction; the forthcoming Dictionary of Counseling and Human Services; Essentials of Testing and Assessment; Skills and Techniques for Human Services Professionals; and Skills and Tools for Today’s Counselors and Psychotherapists. He also edited the two-volume Sage Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of Psychology and Counseling.


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