Title Viva ICSE Mathematics 3
Author Ajay Kumar
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About the book


ICSE Mathematics for Classes 3 to 5 conforms to the latest ClSCE curriculum. The series aims to meet the expectations of the students and teachers, and help the students gain knowledge of mathematical concepts and vocabulary through clear explanations and supporting examples.


Features of ICSE Mathematics for Classes 3 to 5

  • Caretully graded content
  • In-text Exercises given after a few concepts in each chapter to gauge the understanding of the concepts learnt
  • Review Exercise including a variety of objective and subjective exercises of the complete chapter
  • Important points and tips included in Top Tip(s) section
  • Values and Life Skills including questions based on values and life skills to develop interpersonal skills
  • Various concept-based activities given at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts learnt
  • Progress Worksheet including questions to evaluate the knowledge and understanding concepts learnt
  • Assessment questions given in Attempt and score to assess the overall knowledge of the students
  • Exercises given in lntegrate Your Learning to help students create links between different subjects
  • Maths Fun including game given in the inner back cover of the book to make learning fun


Additional Teacher’s Support

Teacher’s Manual • Lesson plan • Solutions of selected questions • Worksheets with answers

Digital Support (www.vivadigital.in) • Flip book • Test generator • Solutions of selected questions • Worksheets with answers • Lesson plan


Chapter 1. Numbers • Counting by Thousands • Numbers and Number Names • Place Value and Face Value • Expanded Form and Standard (Short) Form • Comparison of Numbers • Ascending and Descending Order • Before, After and Between • Forming 4-Digit Numbers (with or without repeating digits) • Rounding Off Numbers

Chapter 2. Addition • Addition of Numbers (without carry over) • Addition of Numbers (with carry over) • Addition Facts • Addition Using Expanded Form • Estimating the Sum • Word Problems • Addition of 2-Digit Numbers Mentally

Chapter 3. Subtraction • Subtraction of Numbers (without borrowing) • Subtraction of Numbers (with borrowing) • Subtraction Facts • Subtraction Using Expanded Form • Estimating the Difference • Mixed Problems of Addition and Subtraction • Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers Mentally

Chapter 4. Multiplication • Multiplication Tables • Constructing Multiplication Tables • Some Patterns in Tables • Skip Counting • Multiplication on a Number Line • Multiplication of a 2-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number (without carry over) • Multiplication of a 2-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number (with carry over) • Multiplication Facts • Word Problems • Lattice Multiplication • Multiplication of a 2-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number Mentally • Estimating Products

Chapter 5. Division • Division Using Equal Grouping and Equal Sharing • Division as Repeated Subtraction • Division on a Number Line • Division Facts • Relation between Multiplication and Division • Word Problems • Long Division Method

Chapter 6. Geometry and Maps • Straight and Curved Lines • Horizontal and Vertical Lines • Drawing Lines • Shapes • Solids • Dot Grid • Reading the Position • Tangram • Tiling • Map

Chapter 7. Measurement • Measuring Length Using Standard Units • Conversions of Length • Measuring Weight Using Non-Standard Units • Measuring Capacity Using Non-Standard Units • Conservation of Volume • Addition and Subtraction • Word Problems

Chapter 8. Time • Reading Time • Seconds • Time in a.m. and p.m. • Converting Hours to Minutes • Converting Days to Hours • 24-Hour Clock • Reading Timetables—Bus and Railway • Calendar • Leap Year

Chapter 9. Money • Addition and Subtraction of Paise • Addition and Subtraction of Rupees • Writing Rupees and Paise • Addition of Rupees and Paise • Subtraction of Rupees and Paise • Word Problems • Making Rate Charts and Bills

Chapter 10. Data Handling • Data Handling • Pictograph • Tally Marks • Classification and Comparison of Data

Chapter 11. Patterns • Patterns with Unit of Repeat • Patterns with Rules

Attempt and Score

Integrate Your Learning


About the Author:

Ajay Kumar, with teaching experience of over 15 years, is currently heading the Mathematics Department in St. Mary’s School, New Delhi.

Target Audience:

Students of ICSE Class 3.


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