Title Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Business Studies, 5/e (South Asia Edition)
Author Karen Borrington, Peter Stimpson
ISBN 9781510421240
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 376
Book size 210 x 274 mm
Publishing year 2018
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About the book

This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.


  • Supports the full Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Business Studies Syllabuses (0450/7115/0986) for examination from 2020.
  • Has passed Cambridge International’s rigorous quality-assurance process.
  • Developed by subject experts.
  • For Cambridge schools worldwide.


Discover business theory beyond the classroom by exploring real-world international businesses through case studies; rely on a tried-and-tested Student’s Book to ensure full coverage of the revised syllabuses.

  • Encourage understanding with engaging case studies and clear and lively text gradually building content knowledge.
  • Develop application and evaluation skills with hundreds of engaging activities and examination-style questions throughout.
  • Deepen understanding through systematic syllabus coverage and a spiral structure revisiting material in a structured way.
  • Navigate the syllabuses confidently with subject outlines clearly defined at the start of each chapter and syllabus-matching section headings.
  • Check progress with revision checklists enabling reflection, and suggested further practice.
  • Consolidate learning with chapter reviews and examination-style questions


Introduction • How to use this book • Exam preparation and technique

SECTION 1: Understanding business activity • Chapter 1: Business activity • Chapter 2: Classification of businesses • Chapter 3: Enterprise, business growth and size • Chapter 4: Types of business organisation • Chapter 5: Business objectives and stakeholder objectives • Case study

SECTION 2: People in business • Chapter 6: Motivating employees • Chapter 7: Organisation and management • Chapter 8: Recruitment, selection and training of employees • Chapter 9: Internal and external communication • Case study

SECTION 3: Marketing • Chapter 10: Marketing, competition and the customer • Chapter 11: Market research • Chapter 12: The marketing mix: product • Chapter 13: The marketing mix: price • Chapter 14: The marketing mix: place • Chapter 15: The marketing mix: promotion • Chapter 16: Technology and the marketing mix • Chapter 17: Marketing strategy • Case study

SECTION 4: Operations management • Chapter 18: Production of goods and services • Chapter 19: Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis • Chapter 20: Achieving quality production • Chapter 21: Location decisions • Case study

SECTION 5: Financial information and financial decisions • Chapter 22: Business finance: needs and sources • Chapter 23: Cash flow forecasting and working capital • Chapter 24: Income statements • Chapter 25: Statement of financial position • Chapter 26: Analysis of accounts • Case study

SECTION 6: External influences on business issues • Chapter 27: Economic issues • Chapter 28: Environmental and ethical issues • Chapter 29: Business and the international economy • Case study

Index • Acknowledgements

Target Audience:

This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Business Studies syllabus.

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