Title Cambridge International AS and A Level Geography, 2/e
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Author Garrett Nagle, Paul Guinness
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Reinforce and practice skills learned with step-by-step support to help you achieve your maximum potential.

  • Improve your knowledge of geographical patterns, processes and changes with internationally focussed examples and case studies from around the world.
  • Clarify key points and ensure common mistakes are avoided with expert advice and tips.
  • Test and consolidate your knowledge with ‘now test yourself’ and exam-style questions for AS and A Level – answers are available for both.
  • Plan and pace your revision with the revision planner.


Paper 1: Core Physical Geography • Topic 1: Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology • The drainage basin system • Discharge relationships within drainage basins • River channel processes and landforms • The human impact • Topic 2: Atmosphere and weather • Diurnal energy budgets • The global energy budget • Weather processes and phenomena • The human impact • Topic 3: Rocks and weathering • Plate tectonics • Weathering and rocks • Slope processes • The human impact

Paper 2: Core Human Geography • Topic 4: Population • Natural increase as a component of population change • Demographic transition • Population-resource relationships • The management of natural increase • Topic 5: Migration • Migration as a component of population change • Internal migration (within a country) • International migration • A case study of international migration • Topic 6: Settlement dynamics • Changes in rural settlements • Urban trends and issues of urbanisation • The changing structure of urban settlements • The management of urban settlements

Paper 3: Advanced Physical Geography Options • Topic 7: Tropical environments • Tropical climates • Landforms of tropical environments • Humid tropical (rainforest) ecosystems and seasonally humid tropical (savanna) ecosystems • Sustainable management of tropical environments • Topic 8: Coastal environments • Coastal processes • Characteristics and formation of coastal landforms • Coral reefs • Sustainable management of coasts • Topic 9: Hazardous environments • Hazards resulting from tectonic processes • Hazards resulting from mass movements • Hazards resulting from atmospheric disturbances • Sustainable management of hazardous environments • Topic 10: Hot arid and semi-arid environments • Hot arid and semi-arid climates • Landforms of hot arid and semi-arid environments • Soils and vegetation • Sustainable management of hot arid and semi-arid environments

Paper 4: Advanced Human Geography Options   Topic 11: Production, location and change • Agricultural systems and food production • The management of agricultural change • Manufacturing and related service industry • The management of change in manufacturing industry • Topic 12: Environmental management • Sustainable energy supplies • The management of energy supply • Environmental degradation • The management of a degraded environment • Topic 13: Global interdependence •  Trade flows and trading patterns • International debt and international aid • The development of international tourism • The management of a tourist destination • Topic 14: Economic transition • National development • The globalisation of economic activity • Regional development • The management of regional development

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Target Audience:

For Cambridge AS and A level geography students.


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