Title Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics
Subtitle Further Pure Mathematics 2
Author Jean-Paul Muscat, Rose Jewell
ISBN 9781510421790
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Publishing year 2018
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This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Take mathematical understanding to the next level with this accessible series, written by experienced authors, examiners and teachers.

  • Improve confidence as a mathematician with clear explanations, worked examples, diverse activities and engaging discussion points.
  • Advance problem-solving, interpretation and communication skills through a wealth of questions that promote higher-order thinking.
  • Prepare for further study or life beyond the classroom by applying mathematics to other subjects and modelling real-world situations.
  • Reinforce learning with accompanying digital practice available on MEI’s Integral® online teaching and learning platform.

This book covers the syllabus content for Further Pure Mathematics 2 [9231], including hyperbolic functions, matrices, differentiation, integration, complex numbers and differential equations.




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The Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics 9231 syllabus

Chapter 1: Hyperbolic functions • Hyperbolic functions • Inverse Hyperbolic functions

Chapter 2: Matrices • Important results relating to 2 x 2 matrices • Finding the inverse of a 3 x 3 matrix • Intersection of three planes • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Chapter 3: Differentiation • Differentiating inverse trigonometric functions • Differentiating hyperbolic functions •  Differentiating inverse hyperbolic functions • Finding the second derivative for relations given implicitly • Finding the second derivative for relations given parametrically • Polynomial approximations and Maclaurin series • Using the Maclaurin series for standard functions

Chapter 4: Integration • Integration using the inverse sine function • Integrating hyperbolic functions • Integration using inverse hyperbolic functions • Integration using reduction formulae • Approximation of areas using rectangles • Using areas under curves to approximate series sums • The arc length of a curve • Surface area of a solid of revolution

Chapter 5: Complex numbers • The modulus and argument of a complex number • De Moivre’s theorem • The nth roots of a complex number • Finding multiple angle identities using de Moivre’s theorem • The form z = rei?

Chapter 6: Differential equations • Integrating factors • Second order differential equations • Auxiliary equations with complex roots • Non-homogeneous differential equations • Use of substitutions to transform differential equations



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This textbook is written for the latest Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics syllabus (9231).

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