Title The Craft of University Teaching
Author Peter Lindsay
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“Peter Lindsay makes it clear that teaching is more than a set of techniques. The Craft of University Teaching is funny and at the same time instructive. Lindsay takes his subject seriously but gives of himself generously, making both the book and teaching itself deeply human.”

Carol Rodgers, associate professor of Education, the University at Albany, State University of New York


“An extraordinarily frank, funny, and generous meditation on what it means to teach as a craft. Lindsay explores an intensely personal and universal experience: a portrait of a teaching life—in good moments and bad—that will speak to anyone who has ever taught or learned. The book is a perfect antidote to the transactional view of education so prevalent today, providing us with a rare account of relational teaching while suggesting useful, practical strategies for how to build meaningful connections with our students.”

Mary Deane Sorcinelli, professor emeritus and founding director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Development, University of Massachusetts Amherst


“Peter Lindsay has produced an energetic study of the craft of teaching. His lively treatment will resonate with anyone who has stood in front of a classroom. He rescues the topic from both formula-seekers and those who think good teaching can’t be taught. The result is a stimulating practicum delivered by a bona fide maestro.”

Peter T. Struck, professor and chair of the Department of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania. Director, Benjamin Franklin Scholars program, and founder of its Integrated Studies curriculum


What does university teaching – as a craft – look like? What changes does a craft perspective suggest for higher education? The Craft of University Teaching addresses these questions in both a general sense – What does the act of teaching become when treated as a craft? What changes to a professor’s educational philosophy does it require? – and with respect to the practical, everyday tasks of university professors, such as the use and misuse of technology, the handling of academic dishonesty, the assignment of course reading, and the instilling of enthusiasm for learning.

Intended for professors of all academic disciplines who either enjoy teaching or wish to enjoy it more, The Craft of University Teaching is a provocative and accessible book containing practical advice gleaned from the academic literature on pedagogy.

In an era of increased bureaucratic oversight, rapidly diminishing budgets, and waves of technological distraction, The Craft of University Teaching provokes reflection on matters of pedagogy that are too often taken as settled. In so doing, it seeks to reclaim teaching as the intellectually vibrant and intrinsically rewarding endeavor that it is.



Introduction: The Moments

Chapter One: What is Teaching?

Chapter Two: Teaching Personas

Chapter Three: Words that Teach

Chapter Four: Slow Teaching: Technology, the Senses and Learning

Chapter Five: Why you should ignore cheating

Chapter Six: Conclusion

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About the Author:

Peter Lindsay is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy and the former director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia State University.

Target Audience:

People interested in Education.

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