Title Transfusion Science, 2/e
Author J. Overfield, M. Dawson, D. Hamer
ISBN 9789386385840
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 224
Book size 178 x 242 mm
Publishing year 2017
Original publisher Scion Publishing Limited
Published in India by Viva Books Private Limited
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
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About the book


This volume introduces medical and biomedical science students to the basic principles in transfusion, whilst also increasing awareness of the current issues and developments.


1. The immune system

2. Antibodies and antigens

3. Complement

4. Basic genetics for blood groups

5. Introduction to the ABO and Rhesus blood group systems

6. Other blood group systems

7. Immune/autoimmune haemolytic anaemias and haemolytic disease of the newborn

8. Blood products and components

9. Haemagglutination and blood grouping methods

10. Adverse effects of blood transfusion

11. Transplantation

Answers to self assessment questions


Target Audience:

Medical & biomedical science students.


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