Title Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, 3/e
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Description: A perennial favorite in the Norton Critical Editions series, Pride and Prejudice is based on the 1813 first edition text, which has been thoroughly annotated for undergraduate readers.

"Backgrounds and Sources" includes biographical portraits of Austen by members of her family and by biographers Park Honan, Claire Tomalin, and David Nokes. Seventeen of Austen’s letters—eight of them new to the Third Edition—allow readers to glimpse the close- knit society that was Austen’s world, both in life and in literature. Samples of Austen’s early writing—from the epistolary Love and Friendship and A Collection of Letters—allow readers to trace Austen’s growth as a writer.

"Criticism includes eighteen assessments of the novel by nineteenth—and twentieth—century commentators, six of them new to the Third Editions, among them remarks on the recent BBC television adaptation of the novel and on the tensions and accommodations of class in Austen’s work."

Also included are A Note on Money, a Chronology of Austen’s life and work, and an updated Selected Bibliography.


Contents: The Text of Pride and Prejudice • Backgrounds and Sources • BIOGRAPHY • Henry Austen • Biographical Notice of the Author • J. E. Austen-Leigh • [Beginning to Write] • Claire Tomalin • [Jane Austen’s Childhood] • William Austen-Leigh, Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh, and Deirdre Le Fave • [Prospects of Marriage] • David Nokes • [Bath and Southampton] • Park Honan • [Last Years at Chawton] • LETTERS • To Cassandra Austen (9—10 January 1796) • To Cassandra Austen (14—15 January 1796) • To Cassandra Austen (18—19 December 1798) • To Cassandra Austen (3—5 January 1801) • To Cassandra Austen (12—13 May 1801) • To Martha Lloyd (29—30 November 1812) • To Cassandra Austen (29 January 1813) • To Cassandra Austen (4 February 1813) • To Francis Austen (3—6 July 1813) • To Cassandra Austen (6—7 November 1813) • To Anna Austen (10—18 August 1814) • To Anna Austen (9—18 September 1814) • To Fanny Knight (18—20 November 1814) • To Fanny Knight (30 November 1814) • To James Stanier Clarke (11 December 18 15) • To James Edward Austen (16—17 December 1816) • To Fanny Knight (20—21 February 1817) • EARLY WRITING • From Love and Friendship • From A Collection of Letters • Criticism • Richard Whately • [Technique and Moral Effect in Jane Austen’s Fiction] • Margaret Oliphant • [Miss Austen] • Richard Simpson • [The Critical Faculty of Jane Austen] • D. W. Harding • "Regulated Hatred": An Aspect in the Work of Jane Austen • Dorothy Van Ghent • On Pride and Prejudice • Alistair Duckworth • Pride and Prejudice: The Reconstitution of Society • Stuart Tave • Limitations and Definitions • Marilyn Butler • Jane Austen and the War of Ideas: Pride and Prejudice • Nina Auerbach • Waiting Together: Pride and Prejudice • Susan Morgan • [Perception and Pride and Prejudice] • Claudia L. Johnson . Pride and Prejudice and the Pursuit of Happiness • Susan Fraiman • The Humiliation of Elizabeth Bennet • Deborah Kaplan • Circles of Support • Tara Ghoshal Wallace . Getting the Whole Truth in Pride and Prejudice • DARCY ON FILM • Sue Birtwhistle and Susie Conklin • A Conversation with Cohn Firth • Cheryl L. Nixon • [Darcy in Action] • CLASS AND MONEY • David Spring • Interpreters of Jane Austen’s Social World: Literary Critics and Historians • Edward Ahearn • [Radical Jane] • Donald Gray • A Note on Money • Jane Austen: A Chronology • Selected Bibliography


About the Editor: Donald Gray is Professor of English at Indiana University, where he has taught since 1956. He is the editor of the Norton Critical Edition of Alice in Wonderland and of the anthology Victorian Poetry. He has published articles on Victorian poetry, prose, and publishing history.


Target Audience: Students and academics of English Literature.

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