Title MEI A Level Further Mathematics
Subtitle Extra Pure
Author David Bedford
ISBN 9781510403628
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 80
Book size 222 X 305 mm
Publishing year 2018
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About the book


  • Develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications with new and updated editions from our bestselling series.
  • Build connections between topics using real-world contexts that develop mathematical modelling skills, thus providing your students with a fuller and more coherent understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Develop fluency in problem-solving, proof and modelling with plenty of questions and well-structured exercises.
  • Overcome misconceptions and develop mathematical insight with annotated worked examples.
  • Enhance understanding and map your progress with exercises that support you at every stage of your learning.


Getting the most from this book

Chapter 1: Recurrence relations • Homogeneous recurrence relations • Non-homogeneous recurrence relations

Chapter 2: Groups • Introducing groups • Theory of groups

Chapter 3: Matrices • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors • Evaluating powers of square matrices

Chapter 4: Multivariable calculus • Functions of two variables • Partial differentiation


About the Author:

David Bedford is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Keele University. He has performed several examining and assessment roles for OCR and contributed to the development of the A Level specifications.

Target Audience:

This book is suitable for A Level Mathematics students.

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