Title The Gen Z Frequency
Subtitle How Brands Tune In & Build Credibility
Author Gregg L. Witt, Derek E. Baird
ISBN 9780749482480
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 “Youth culture is always moving, changing and evolving. This book delivers well-researched, actionable strategies and tactics that focus on alignment and value creation with that culture. Many books talk about Gen Z, but this is a definitive playbook for modern marketers and business people to authentically engage an emerging generation.”

—Stefan Heinrich, Head of Global Marketing, ByteDance (TikTok – formerly musical.ly – and Vigo Video)


“Finally, a book that not only understands the complexity and vivaciousness of my generation, but also gives practical insights into how brands connect, market and build community with us. It provides an insider’s view into our mindset and teaches brands how to build trust with a generation notorious for scepticism.”

—Natalie Riso, Content Marketing Strategist, Studio71, and two-time LinkedIn Top Voice at age 21


“An essential read for business leaders due to the fact that Gen Z sets the benchmark for every other generation now in regard to trending consumer behaviour. Witt and Baird not only do a great job laying out every area that brands need to focus on when it comes to Gen Z: transparency, culture, media, marketing, community and influence, but the layout of the book itself makes it Gen Z by design with its TL;DR chapter summaries. Ignore at your own peril.”

—Geoffrey Colon, Senior Marketing Communications Designer, Microsoft, and author of Disruptive Marketing



Generation Z, ranging from tweens to young adults, has enormous spending power; yet it is one of the most challenging generational cohorts for brands to reach. It is projected to be the largest consumer demographic in history, driving a forecast from the HRC Retail Advisory of 40% of all US consumer spending, and another 40% of all consumers in the US, Europe and BRIC by 2020 (Brazil, Russia, India, China), according to other sources. Embodying an unrelenting relationship with information and mobile technology from a young age, Generation Z’s ecosystem is infinitely more complex and varied than any generation before. Staying tuned-in to this demographic’s impatience, confidence and constantly evolving trends can be daunting for any marketer trying to keep up.

The Gen Z Frequency offers a comprehensive guide for any brand or organization trying to reach this demographic, covering fundamental truths, content creation, engagement strategies and tactics such as social media, experiential, emerging technologies, and much more. It is woven with fascinating case studies and real-world stories from the trenches, plus key insights from leading youth brands and Gen Z themselves. Whether you are new to marketing or a seasoned expert, The Gen Z Frequency is the ultimate resource for tuning in to Generation Z.


About the authors




Introduction: are you tuned in to Gen Z? • Let’s face it: youth marketing isn’t always ‘likes’, hearts and unicorns Who are we and why should you listen? Research that fuelled the Gen Z frequency Here’s what you can expect Reference

Chapter 1: A true story of finding youth culture relevance • Embracing the conflicts with youth culture No business is exempt from cultivating relevance See trends before they undercut your plan Establish a core audience and deepen the connection TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): chapter takeaways References

Chapter 2: Gen Z • Tuning in to Gen Z The Gen Z frequency Gen Z culture Gen Z, technology and media How Gen Z uses visual social media Gen Z and fandoms Educating Gen Z TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 3: The five foundational truths of youth marketing • Is your brand ready for the truth? TL;DR: chapter takeaways References Further reading

Chapter 4: Aligning with youth culture in an era of individuality • Hyper-individualization is the norm: Gen Z expects unique Traditional demographic targeting models are outmoded How to find and align with youth culture audiences TL;DR: chapter takeaways References Further reading

Chapter 5: Reveal insights and fuel ideation with Gen Z • Collaboration leads to actionable insights and new ideas Research and collaboration design for youth participants Elements of youth research and collaboration design TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 6: The youth culture engagement playbook • What is a playbook and why does it matter? Place the focus on consumer engagement and • value creation How to prepare and get started The core youth engagement strategies TL;DR: chapter takeaways References Further reading

Chapter 7: Social strategies and tactical consideration • Be where they are • Tactical considerations for influence partner collaboration Emerging social and digital media TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 8: Content strategies and tactical considerations • A crash course in content strategy Does your content make Gen Z look cool? Creating a memorable brand voice Content management basics TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 9: Building community with Gen Z • Gen Z and online communities Building community Community management Digital citizenship and online communities Community management: Gen Z and privacy TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 10: A primer on social and influence media valuation • Social and digital media constantly change, the need for accountability doesn’t Earned media value Foundational metrics Social metrics by platform TL;DR: chapter takeaways References

Chapter 11: Conclusion: tune in to the frequency of Gen Z

Epilogue: stories from the youth marketing trenches • National non-profit organization Global entertainment company Global consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brand US-based clothing company Energy drink company World-renowned entertainment complex



About the Authors:

Gregg L. Witt is a renowned youth marketing strategist, proven brand builder, and a generational expert. His unique ability to help brands tune into youth culture, stay ahead of trends, and build credibility is what drives value for his clients. Since 2000, Gregg L. Witt has helped global corporations including Autodesk Education, The College Board, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm and Walt Disney World, develop innovative strategies that successfully connect with tweens, teens and young adults. He was recently named a “Top 5 youth marketer to follow” by Inc. Magazine, awarded “Best Speaker” at the 2017 Marketing to Gen Z Conference, and is a frequent consumer trends analyst for national and international publications.

Derek E. Baird is a youth digital strategist and educational technologist who has worked with leading youth brands and non-profits around the world. He’s published in numerous international journals and led digital youth initiatives for leading media brands including Yahoo!, Facebook, and The Walt Disney Company, where he received the Disney Inventor Award.

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This is a definitive playbook for modern marketers and business leaders.


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