Title Ancient Yet Modern Management Concepts in Thirukkural
Author V. Irai Anbu
ISBN 9789387925632
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 272
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2018
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About the book


 ‘Ancient Yet Modern’ - an epithet that epitomizes the range and depth of the timeless Tamil Classic Thirukkural, some 2000 years old. Its universalism and profound psychological and philosophical insights make it vibrantly relevant to this day. This book situates the management concepts in Thirukkural in the context of today’s conceptual modules. Striking similarities emerge. This work is marked by depth of scholarship, rigorous analysis and sensitive insights.


Preface – A Voyage of Discovery



Chapter 1. Thirukkural – An Overview

Chapter 2. Human Resource Management – A Profile

Chapter 3. Management Aspects in Thirukkural – An Analysis

Chapter 4. Manpower Planning and Development – Thirukkural’s Approach

Chapter 5. Leadership in Thirukkural – Motivators in Modern Business

Chapter 6. Empowerment of Managers – The Thirukkural Way

Chapter 7. Epilogue


About the Author:

Dr V. Irai Anbu is an atypical member of the Indian Administrative Service. He has constantly been on guard against getting fettered by the bureaucratic routine or an obsession with power. With innate sensitivity, creative impulse and a spiritual orientation, he has converted his life into a voyage of discovery. This voyage touches many shores - literary expression, perceptive seeking and purposeful sharing. This book is one such manifestation.

Target Audience:

People interested in management nuggets (especially HRM concepts) extracted from the Tamil classic Thirukkural.


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