Title Other Diplomacies, Other Ties
Subtitle Cuba and Canada in the Shadow of the US
Author Luis René Fernández Tabío, Cynthia Wright, Lana Wylie
ISBN 9781442628311
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Publishing year 2018
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“A long-overdue and much-welcome recognition of the importance of the Cuba-Canada relationship, Other Diplomacies, Other Ties provides incisive, multinational perspectives on one of the most compelling histories of inter-American relations.”

Louis A. Pérez, Jr, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Jam-packed with original theory, research, and fascinating arguments and anecdotes, the chapters in Other Diplomacies, Other Ties speak to a multidisciplinary range of issues from the personal and ‘soft’ to the political and economic aspects of Canadian-Cuban relations. All of this, in a broad hemispheric context. The authors’ innovative research offers lots of new insights to the well initiated but is also accessibly written for newcomers to the subject matter.”

Gillian McGillivray, Department of History, Glendon College, York University


Other Diplomacies, Other Ties makes an impressive contribution to our understanding of both Canadian and Cuban foreign policy. Deploying a unique mix of Canadian and Cuban scholars, the book covers key topics with a remarkable freshness and erudition. It includes analyses of traditional interstate diplomacy, and importantly goes beyond a conventional approach by highlighting the significant contribution non-state actors have made via ‘other diplomacies’ in forging a workable, ‘normal’ relationship between the two countries.”

Philip Brenner, School of International Service, American University


Other Diplomacies, Other Ties explores Cuba-Canada relations following the revolution of 1959 and the major geopolitical and economic transformations that have occurred in recent years.

Through the conceptual lens of “other diplomacies,” which emphasizes interactions among non-state actors, the contributors challenge the conventional wisdom regarding the actions of diplomats, politicians, journalists, spies, and émigrés. Featuring both Cuban and Canadian contributors, the volume offers a diverse range of research methodologies including ethnography, archival work, and policy analysis to encourage critical examination about the problems, possibilities, and promise of the longstanding relationship between Canada and Cuba. All decades of the post-1959 relationship – from the dramatic early years during which the diplomatic and political relationship was negotiated through to contemporary education exchanges and the gradual formation of Cuban-Canadian diasporas, are critically reappraised.

Other Diplomacies, Other Ties is a nuanced and unique volume that crucially gives voice to Cuban scholars’ perspectives on the Canada-Cuba relationship.



Introduction – Diplomacies: Constructing Canada and Cuba (Luis René Fernández Tabío, Cynthia Wright, and Lana Wylie)


Chapter 1: Canada and Cuba: Historical Overview of the Political and Diplomatic Relations (Raúl Rodríguez Rodríguez)

Chapter 2: Canadian Intelligence and Diplomacy in Cuba (Don Munton)

Chapter 3: Lifting the Sugarcane Curtain: Security, Solidarity, and Cuba’s Pavilion at Expo 67 (Asa McKercher)

Chapter 4: When Cuban-American Terrorism Came to Canada (Keith Bolender)

Chapter 5: From damnation to liberation: representing Cuba in Quebec in the second half of the twentieth century (Maurice Demers and Michel Nareau)


Chapter 6: Trust and Affectivity in Contemporary Canada-Cuba-US Relations: Transcending the Past in Shaping the Future (Calum McNeil)

Chapter 7: Canadian-Cuban Economic Relations: The Recognition and Respect of Difference (Luis René Fernández Tabío)

Chapter 8: Canada-Cuba Relations Under Stephen Harper: Missed Opportunities (Again) (John Kirk and Peter McKenna)

Chapter 9: Canadian Foreign Policy and the Inter American System: Implications for Relations with Cuba (Rosa López-Oceguera)


Chapter 10: Cuba in the Canadian media: to be or not to be? (Olga Rosa González Martín)

Chapter 11: ’Not Miami’: The Cuban Diasporas in Toronto and Montreal, Canada (Catherine Krull and Jean Stubbs)

Chapter 12: Taking Generation NGO to Cuba: Reflections of a Teacher (Karen Dubinsky)




About the Editors:

Luis René Fernández Tabío is a senior professor and researcher at the University of Havana.

Cynthia Wright is an assistant professor in the School of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at York University.

Lana Wylie is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at McMaster University.

Target Audience:

People interested in Political Science and International Studies.

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