Title Reward Management, 2/e
Subtitle A Practical Introduction
Author Michael Rose
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 “This is a refreshingly practical introduction to the world of reward management. Michael brings his extensive personal experience and knowledge to life through engaging observations, accessible case studies and clear explanations of the theories, models and essential tools for today’s reward practitioner.”

—Richard Hortop, Reward Director, Sky


“Pay and reward management is a technical and increasingly complex area. Michael makes the complex simple and puts his enormous and varied experience to good use in this highly practical and readable introduction to the field. I use it both with the reward professionals I work with and the students I teach.”

—Duncan Brown, Head of HR Consultancy, Institute for Employment Studies


“How you reward and recognise employee contribution sends an important message to your workforce, investors and society about the kind of employer you are. This book helps you ensure that your pay, benefit and recognition practices send the right messages, in the right way and at the right time about the performances, behaviours and attitudes that your organisation values.”

—Charles Cotton, Senior CIPD Policy Adviser for Performance and Reward


Effectively and fairly rewarding employees is a critical component to help build organizational, team and individual performance and success. Reward Management is a practical guide to understanding and implementing successful reward strategies which are aligned with broader HR and organizational objectives. Drawing on case studies, reflective questions and practical tools, it covers key areas including pay and grade structures, job evaluation, pay reviews, bonus plans, non-cash reward, benefits, tax issues and provides the knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and assess an effective reward strategy in any type of organization.

This second edition of Reward Management has been updated to include the latest research and developments, such as the role of recognition and non-cash awards, and the psychological implications relating to financial incentives. New and updated case studies include insight from Marks and Spencer, Which?, The Royal Horticultural Society and Tata Consultancy Services, while supporting online resources include downloadable templates and further tools to be used in practice.

The HR Fundamentals are a series of succinct, practical guides for students and those in the early stages of their HR careers. They are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the UK professional body for HR and people development, which has over 145,000 members worldwide.



About the author


Part I: The fundamentals of reward management

Chapter 1: Reward and reward strategy • Reward • Reward strategy • Summary

Chapter 2: Why reward is important and how it can make an impact • Symbolic messages in reward • Supporting values and culture • Alignment with organization strategy • Alignment with HR strategy • Role in change management • Measuring the impact • Summary

Chapter 3: Relationship between motivation and reward • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation • Summary

Chapter 4: How reward fits together • Influences on reward strategy • Trade-offs between different parts of reward • The role of the reward professional • Summary

Chapter 5: How to get started with a reward strategy • An approach to developing a reward strategy • Developing a reward framework • Making changes over time • Unintended consequences • Summary

Chapter 6: Communications • Communications and reward • Communicating total reward • Building communications into reward design • Summary • Case study: Royal Horticultural Society

Chapter 7: Tax and National Insurance • General principles • Taxation of various reward programmes • Summary

Part II: Reward in practice

Chapter 8: Grades and pay structures • Grade structures • Pay structures • Summary • Case studies: Which? and Shropshire Council

Chapter 9: Managing pay data and pay reviews • Pay data • Pay reviews • Summary • Case studies: Specsavers and the National Theatre

Chapter 10: Bonus plans • Introduction • Bonus design framework • Summary • Case study: McDonald’s

Chapter 11: Recognition and non-cash reward • Introduction • Recognition • Summary • Case study: Tata Consulting Services

Chapter 12: Long-term plans • Role of long-term plans • Share plans • Cash plans • Summary • Case study: Marks and Spencer plc

Chapter 13: Benefits • Which benefits to offer and why • Benefit policy • Value • Key benefits • Flexible benefits • Summary • Case studies: Guideposts and Kingfisher plc

Chapter 14: Conclusions




About the Author:

Michael Rose is an author, speaker and independent reward consultant. He was formerly the Vice-President of reward at the CIPD, and has held a number of senior reward management positions, such as the Director of Total Reward for Aon Corporation and Head of Reward Management for TSB Bank plc. A regular international conference speaker, he has also appeared on radio and TV commenting on reward issues and has written a number of books and articles on the topic.

Target Audience:

Useful for HR Professional/Managers as well as Management Students and Academicians.


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